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"I was with a fellow man"

“I was with a fellow man”

all men Giovanni Ciacci. It is difficult to count them, at least according to the statements of the designer, who revealed a few days ago some warm background about his predecessors Relations. In addition to men of power, spokespersons, portfolio holders, and ministers, the fashion designer admitted that he had A story with a fellow partnerRight before the outbreak of the pandemic.

“I have never been as peaceful as it is today, and the thing that makes me the happiest is to see a certain pride in my mother’s eyes – Giovanni Sciacchi began in an interview with the weekly Chi, before speaking of his intimate relationship -. Do you want to know what connection I have with the commandments of the good Christ? I am guilty. My greatest sin? I revised the ninth commandment (“Thou shalt not covet the wife of others,” so). Behold, for a long time I have desired another man’s man. I’ve always had it all.”

The Secret Passion of Giovanni Ciacci

without naming names, Giovanni Ciacci She revealed a horrific incident dating back more than two years, when she entered into an affair with a fellow partner. Between them immediately erupted “a secret passion, disturbing and touching, which lasted for a long time.” One of those stories, according to the artist, not even its author 50 Shades of Gray He would never have imagined EL James.

confession of treason

Once Ciacci realized that their relationship was developing into something serious “I ended it and had the courage to talk about it with those in charge.” But why reveal the infidelity of the partner? “Because truth is the greatest luxury, I was not interested in admitting his betrayal, but mine.” Surprisingly, this gesture helped bring the couple closer, and vice versa, Ciacci’s relations with friends completely broke off, thanks to the restrictions imposed due to Covid. buttoned, Giovanni Ciacci He did not want to reveal the identity of the former partner of the weekly. The character has already begun to distinguish among readers.

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