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"I teach at Stanford in the US. Here, innovation starts with mistakes: failure of start-ups is an opportunity"

“I teach at Stanford in the US. Here, innovation starts with mistakes: failure of start-ups is an opportunity”

“Inside Silicon Valley Making mistakes is a necessary condition for innovation. Most startups fail, but they are always seen as learning opportunities. In my opinion, this mentality, along with capital and infrastructure, created prosperity and progress. Andrea Carafa He resides California As an entrepreneur, investor and university lecturer in the US and Europe, he has been involved in technological innovation for environment, health and social well-being. Ready to visit Italy someday? “With the right conditions, yes. Thanks to the skills and networks I have developed abroad, it would be great if I could contribute to the relaunch of our country.

Andrea was born and raised in a small town in southern Italy. After university studies in Rome, he had the opportunity to study the last year of his bachelor’s degree Finland Thanks to the Erasmus program. After working and studying abroad between Denmark, Spain and France, Andrea became Marie Curie Fellow: “I did research on high-impact emerging technologies at the European Commission in Brussels and Grenoble. I also did research at Bocconi in Milan and CERN in Geneva, then moved to Silicon Valley,” he

Andrea is now a lecturer and Institutional Emergence Fellow in California StanfordAs well as a director of Blackstone Launchpad – a startup accelerator – and lecturer University of California, Santa Cruz. “I collaborate with the UN and other public and private organizations on issues related to the use of technology for the purposes of sustainable development”. Andrea has always had good luck, she says, being welcomed with open arms and help available. Some key differences between Italy and Silicon Valley, he says, favor the latter’s economic growth. “Here’s one A very practical approach So less bureaucracy; There is plenty of capital and a whole range of infrastructure to invest in innovative technologies, create startups and grow them,” he adds.

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are in the United States More and more funding Investors in the startups they deal with Climate change, energy and environmental change, public health and other strategic interests for the country. “I often wonder how Italy can create more jobs and well-being by creating research, innovation and innovative startups, as is done in the United States and many other developed countries – he explains -. However, for a long time we have not done so. Fortunately, in recent years, “the government and Other public and private actors are beginning to allocate more funds to innovation. Think of the National Fund for Innovation, as well as – he continues – the PNRR funds for innovation and environment, energy and digital transformation”. In short, for Andrea, things are changing: “Startup accelerators and technological Transmission poles are manufactured throughout Italy Italian startups There are Raises more and more capitalFollowing the same paths as others European countries France, Germany and Spain started before they had already brought home the best results.

All this with the awareness of those who have observed from a distance from Silicon Valley and “experienced how muchInnovation can bring progress, well-being and resilience – he adds – I think Italy has an important opportunity ahead. We need to respond to global challenges with a lot of innovation and international cooperation, as happened after the recent Tonga volcanic disaster and the invasion of Ukraine. Services such as artificial intelligence algorithms for satellite imagery, free solutions for money transfer and solutions to ensure internet access in areas affected by attacks and natural disasters.

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What is most of Italy missing? Family, friends, traditions “lead us to share a lot with a lot of comfort. I am very attached to Italy and Europe. I go there at least twice a year and ask for one more Beautiful link With my land “. However, in Italy, the lack of work and favorable economic conditions “in the last fifteen years have led many (and many) young people (not so young) to leave the country. “Today our families are often separated by borders and seas, with children abroad and parents in Italy. I think the country can start again from innovation, research and youth. The new Leonardo da Vinci, Rita Levi Montalcini, Adriano Olivetti and Margherita Hague allowed Italy to flourish again. We fund their research and start-up projects – he concludes -. And they should not be allowed to flee abroad.