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"I still hope I can play Wimbledon"

“I still hope I can play Wimbledon”

Wimbledon, Medvedev: “I still hope I can play”

Daniil Medvedev – Pictures of Ray Giobello

“On the one hand, I can understand the choice Wimbledon But on the other hand, I find it unfair.”. like him Daniel Medvedev He returns to talk about the British Championship’s decision to ban the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes. Meanwhile, the ATP and WTA players are working on possible penalties, and this week could make a decision to deny Wimbledon and the other British turf tournaments points in the standings.

“It is a delicate situation because it creates a precedent and puts other sporting competitions in an awkward position – Adds number two in the world -. Where is the line? What rules should lead to a possible disqualification? We are tennis players Legally As self-employed. But Russian self-employed workers in the UK have the right to work. So if I had the chance to play Wimbledon, I would be happy. Otherwise, I will accept it.”.

“I don’t know If this decision is closed 100% and more. If I can play I will be happy because I love this tournament. If I can’t play, well, I’ll try to play other tournaments and prepare well for next year – Medvedev concludes -. I’ve tried to keep track of what’s going on because I don’t have decisions to make. Now it’s Wimbledon, the ATP, maybe the British government is involved. It’s a complicated situation and as with any situation in life, if you ask 100 players they will all give a different opinion. Show a tennis ball to 100 people, I’m sure some of them will say it’s green and not yellow.”

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