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I start the week with SUN just about everywhere, but how hot will it be?

I start the week with SUN just about everywhere, but how hot will it be?

Next week will feature More in the peninsula. Between Monday and Wednesday However, it will be possible Thunder showers over the interior and over the mountains in the afternoonbut it will be a local phenomenon that will fade immediately with sunset.

On the heat front, the week will finally start Temperatures are around average for the period or slightly above. In this regard we show you Predicted temperature map at an altitude of 1500 metres for central watches from Monday 11 July:

isothermal +20 to 1500m, which is the boundary between normal and sweltering heat, should be kept away from Italy. With us the week will start with Normal temperature and no excess.

The second map shows temperatures on the earth is expected 3 p.m. Monday, July 11:

As you can see, we will have temperatures Somewhat in line with period averages. There will be many fields less than 30 degreeswhich is not particularly common in the last few summers.

The third map finally shows a file Earth temperatures wait at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, July 12:

While temperatures tend to get a little higher, you’ll be all over the place less than 35 degrees and again In line with period averages. The intense heat can be felt again in the second part of the week, but we’ll talk about it again.

Always check predictions Detailed and specific to your cityAnd the continuously updated:

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