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I Saw Oriana And Danielle In Bed Together, Wilma Joish Hint To GF Vip

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

According to Wilma Goich, Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro could have spent the night together after the Dec. 26 episode of Big Brother Vip. “Someone picked up your leftovers,” the competitor hinted, speaking to Antonino Spinalpes. According to some users on Twitter, the truth wouldn’t be exactly that.

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

The final episode of 2022 aired on Monday, December 26 Big Brother VIP. The reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini will return on January 2nd, with a first date for the new year, in which Sully Sorge and Pierpaolo Pritelli will be exceptional commentators. Meanwhile, the competitors continue to create new dynamics, including twists, unexpected approaches and increasingly heated debates. Especially in the last few hours, after the live broadcast, Two roommates they will We spent the night together under the blankets. Will it be the beginning of a new couple?

Wilma Goish’s tip about Oriana and Danielle

In the garden with Antonino Spinalpes, Wilma reveals that she saw Oriana and Danielle together in the same bed, under the covers. “Someone over there picked up your leftovers,” said the contestant. The roommate looked surprised and suspicious: “You mean? I don’t believe it, it’s not true”. But Wilma is more sure of what she saw when she walked past the camera this morning, and, in fact, replied, “Yes, I saw it. She was in bed with Danielle fully covered. I passed and saw it There were two in the bed.”

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The truth according to some users on social networking sites

The video of Wilma’s revelations sparked a discussion on Twitter, with some users claiming the rival’s statements were untrue. In fact, Oriana and Danielle, according to a version of the facts circulating on social networks, nThey will not spend the night together Under the covers, but it looks like the model has gone to Sleeping on the couch Because of the loud music in the house. According to others, even if it did happen, there would be no mistaking the closeness between the two roommates.