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“I may be a toilet, but…” - Libero Quotidiano

“I may be a toilet, but…” – Libero Quotidiano

My lights are not here. I’ll be dirtyIt doesn’t matter, but I am. You see, I didn’t ask for the lights, so I don’t give a damn.”: Barbara D’Urso She let herself go into sarcasm on mics say promising? Radio deejay program. During the interview, the presenter also enjoyed reciting some rhymes that many rappers have dedicated to her over the years. Sometimes they were innocent judgments, other times they were unrepeatable. But the presenter gladly agreed to read them all.

D’Urso also responded to the criticism of those who define it as “pain TV”: “It’s easy to say pain TV in an offensive way. I make a broadcast in a newspaper. I say what happens in Italy and unfortunately in Italy there is also the raped girl and the raped by the way I’m in brackets Two young children, I have been very active for 15 years, because whoever hits you does not love you. It’s not pain TV, Contemporary is sad. Therefore, I speak of pain by saying: “Women, run away from the men who beat you.” There is a mother crying and feeling pain. Well, if this is Pain TV…”.

The presenter also spoke on her new podcast, “Amiche mie”, in which she relives her life and experiences from time to time with her three lifelong friends and reveals different backgrounds about her youth: “I lived in a community with Neapolitan waters. Polo players. Was I a transgressor? But sure of course. On the podcast, I tell things about my life that I never did. I listened to the episodes too and said, ‘No, but I can’t believe I said those things’.

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