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“I lived at an all-inclusive resort for a month to see if it was cheaper than paying rent, bills and groceries: This is what I discovered.”


Here he comes salary, but there is no time to think about travel and whims, maybe have dinner at that new restaurant that has a really interesting menu. Almost every penny will be spent on itrentInvoices, ExpensesAt most a pair of shoes to replace the ones that fall off, then gasoline so you can go to work… If something remains, almost by chance, it should be put aside, Memorizes Some change in case of unexpected expenses (a suspicious light came on, maybe there will be a need to visit a mechanic?).

More and more people say that they live from month to month, and there are those who wonder whether Cost of living Now it is so high that we have to look for alternative and certainly innovative solutions, as Ben Keenan did: living for a month in a house All inclusive resort To understand if you are spending less than a normal life at home.

Experience: One month at the resort

Ben Keenan had posted a video on his TikTok account some time ago, in which he complained that the cost of living had become unsustainable and wondered if it would be better at this point to live in an all-inclusive resort, cutting off such things as rent, bills and groceries. This idea turned into a real project: Ben spent a month in Ocean Riviera Paradise, Mexico, and over the course of 27 days, he posted updates about his day, his routine and the money he spends, comparing everything to his life at home. .

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The first detail Ben noticed was that the room at the resort was the same size as his apartment in Seattle. In daily life, the man estimated his total expenses at 4,100 dollars a month (about 3,800 euros), including 2,300 for rent, 200 for bills, and 270 for the car. At the end of his experience at the resort, the total was higher: $4,900 excluding airfare.

However, according to Ben, you should take into account how much you can save by booking everything in advance: “I practically did it last minute; if I had moved earlier I would have saved at least $400. The idea is to be flexible because in this case the prices change.” Moreover, he emphasized that other types of benefits were also included in the resort experience such as different events, swimming pool, room service and cleaning: “It was not convenient for me, but perhaps it was suitable for someone else.

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