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"I had an MRI, and I have to have the operation again..."

“I had an MRI, and I have to have the operation again…”

Francesco Ciovalo You will have to work again. Francesco Ciovaloformer protagonisttemptation island‘, he had already had surgery about two years ago to remove a tumor Hamida and now, after visiting a medical examination, he discovers an advertisement announced by the social network that he will have to return again to hospital to run.

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Francesco Ciovalo (Instagram)

Francesco Ciovalo You will have to undergo surgery again. Francesco, which had already removed two years ago the file tumor Hamida, after a medical examination, found out that she would have to undergo a new examination process: “I did the usual MRI – explained from his social account stories – that I do my head routinely after tumor To see how I feel and feel good. The only thing is that the ringing shows that in the duct, in the nasal duct that connects the mouth to the larynx, I have a black ball. It wasn’t there before, because the other year I had my nose rejuvenated so I had an X-ray. Yesterday I went to Otorino to see a little better and we will have to do it biopsy for a better understanding.

This can lead to breathing difficulties and thus chevalu Yes it works soon. “lentil‘, as it is called FrancescoHowever, he said he was calm, confident there was nothing to worry about and hoped he wouldn’t relive the bad experience of the past again.

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