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I got graphene, the super material for future energy - energy

I got graphene, the super material for future energy – energy

I have got Graphenoa hitherto unimagined super-quality material: a relative of graphene, whose research won the Nobel Prize for Andrei C. and Konstantin Novoselov in 2010, and promises to open up new possibilities in energy, with new-generation rechargeable batteries and other materials. Semiconductors Beside in electronics and optics.

The result is the result of the study published In the journal Nature Synthesis and led by the University of Colorado at Boulder. Among the potential future applications, there is interest in using new materials in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly used for electronic devices and electric vehicles.

“lamThe scientific community involved in this sector He is really excited that this long-standing problem, this fantasy material, is finally coming true,” comments Yiming Hu, the leader of the group. Grapheno, just like graphene close to it, consists of a two-dimensional network of carbon atoms arranged in hexagonal cells, in a sheet one atom thick. The difference is that the hexagonal cells are firmly connected to each other, with double or triple bonds, a feature that allows them to take on a much wider range of structures.

Using a process called the “reaction of alkenes,” an organic reaction that involves splitting and re-forming the double bonds between carbon atoms, the researchers finally succeeded in this feat: obtaining a material that can rival graphene in terms of electrical properties but allows for greater control and versatility. “There is a big difference between graphene and Graphenobut in a good way,” says Wei Zhang, one of the study’s authors: “This could be the stuff of future wonders and here notice – Why The result was very exciting“.

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