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I dream of the moon, because in space now we don’t just need astronauts

I dream of the moon, because in space now we don’t just need astronauts

Luca Parmitano, born in 1976, is currently the serving Italian astronaut with the most experience in space. After several missions on the International Space Station, its goal is now to get as close to the Moon as possible.

Luca Parmitano He is the Italian astronaut who has spent the longest time in space in its entire historyspace exploration. 366 days, 23 hours and 1 minute. Not only. according to Ranking established by WikipediaIn addition to being the first Italian, he is the second European to remain in orbit. First place goes to the French Thomas Pesquet. He has completed six spacewalks and is now 47 years oldInterview with La Stampa newspaper Who aims to end his career by looking closely at the moon.

“The mission to the moon? I’m thinking about it, and I’ll be ready. The first mission, Artemis 2, is scheduled for the end of 2024 and will be a trip around the moon without landing. Then there will be opportunities for us Europeans, and therefore also for the Italian astronauts.” Parmitano began his career as Astronaut at the European Space Agency (ESA) In the same class as Samantha Cristoforetti (here is Cristoforetti’s interview with the fan page) and began her first mission to the International Space Station in more than ten years, in May 2013.

Spacewalk training

Parmitano is Spacewalking expert. Behind this almost harmless formula lies one The most dangerous missions for astronauts: They must go out on their own into open space protected only by a suit that effectively transforms into one Small spaceship. He has done six training exercises in his career, a number that now allows him to work as a trainee: “Given my experience in EVA, I am busy training astronauts specifically for spacewalks. Including our Eastern colleague, the Dane Mogensen, who is now in orbit.”

The beginning of a new space age

NASA and ESA’s program is not just about going to the moon, it’s about staying there. The future of space programs also includes building a human outpost on the Moon, a scenario that will expand the skills that will be needed in space: “The opportunities to go to space will increase. In the future, in addition to astronauts, there will be important doctors, biologists and physicists, as well as marketing and communications experts in companies of this sector. “Space is getting much closer than you think.”