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“I don’t remember the Roland Garros final either.” – OA Sport


Has the mental challenge already begun? It seems so. Sunday, starting at 09.30 Italianand serbian Novak Djokovic and Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas They will face each other 2023 Australian Open Final, the first Grand Slam of the year. The meeting is accompanied by many meanings. In the first class, The winner will be able to brag about the top of the world rankingSpanish undermining Carlos Alcaraz.

A case reminiscent of what happened last year in New York (USA) between Alcaraz himself and the Norwegian Casper Rudd, but The characteristics of this last chapter are very different. fact One clear favorite is Djokovic, able to impose himself on nine occasions in this tournament and win every time he reached the final. Nol signs the record after registration: 33rd qualifier in the final Grand Slam season and 27 consecutive singles match victories at the Australian Grand SlamAnd broke Andre Agassi’s record (26).

Moreover, in the precedents between the two, it is clear that the original champion from Belgrade is leading (10-2) and between these confrontations there is above all Novak’s victory in the final of Roland Garros 2021, coming back two sets late. related to this match Episode in the press conference.

Djokovic forgot, a few days ago (mistake perhaps) that he had already faced the Greek in Paris two years ago. An amusing curtain closed between the general laughter of those present and Noll’s apology. TsitsipasBut, He didn’t like it that much Ask a question about this issue He also claimed he had no memory of the 2021 final. A way to flex your muscles and raise the stakes in the psychological confrontation between the two? We will see reflections on the field.

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Stefanos Tsitsipas responded by video to Novak Djokovic at the press conference

Photo: La Presse


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