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Adelaide / Il paradiso delle signore

“I am the new co-owner of Paradiso!”

There are still very few episodes left and then in this TV season we will pay tribute to the heroes Ladies’ paradiseWho will come back as usual to keep us company at the end of summer Rai 1. Among the events that will come to fruition in these final episodes is the relationship that never broke out Umberto Guarnieri (Roberto Farnese) and Flora Gentile Ravasi (Lucrezia Massari). specially: Until now!

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In fact, between 27 and 29 April, we will see many twists and turns related to this story which, according to a recent promotional film, looks set to produce more than one change in the next year of daily fantasy.

Ladies spoiler paradise 6: Adelaide, the poison tail shot?

Umberto, putting the mind and not the heart first, has hitherto preferred to protect the historical connection with his sister-in-law, but in the end it will be the sovereign instinct, and thus we are about to see the commander bent on stopping Flora as she is so close to her final departure: “You won’t go anywhere without me!“.

In short, in extreme cases, Humberto will choose to stay with the Gentiles, the ones he loves, and the poor Adelaide Vanessa Gravina can only take a note. But pay attention to the last episode that aired on Friday: le progress indicates that “Dante returns the shares of Heaven to Adelaide, but he doesn’t know what The Countess is taking revenge on her“.

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So let’s expect one last big surprise, because in the above video, Adelaide will utter the phrase “I am the new co-owner of ParadisoSo surely the Countess will be able to take revenge on Umberto, but in order to understand in detail how this coup will happen, we must not miss the finale of Paradiso 6, which was broadcast precisely on April 29.