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I am not running again for chamber leader

I am not running again for chamber leader

Pelosi, 82, honored an agreement signed with a wing of the Democrats in 2018, where she pledged only two periods.

Pelosi: “We must move boldly into the future, there is a season for everything” “We have to move boldly into the future and open up to new possibilities, there is a season for everything,” said Pelosi. In his long and emotional speech to the House of Representatives Pelosi also remembered her husband, Paul, who was the victim of a brutal assault at homeWishing him a speedy recovery with tears in his eyes. “I am here as a speaker, wife, mother, grandmother, Catholic, and as a representative of the world’s largest democracy,” he affirmed.

Warmth and enduring affection – “American democracy is majestic but also fragile” and “it must always be defended from forces that could harm it.” Last week, Pelosi continued in reference to the midterm vote, “The American people have spoken out in defense of democracy” and “In this election the people have refused to assault democracy,” referring to the January 6, 2021 attack on Capitol Hill and eliciting a standing ovation. The Democrat then joked that she would never have considered going “from housewife to speaker,” playing on the words “housewife and housewife.” His speech was greeted for a long time. Pelosi was so touched she couldn’t hold back her tears.

his political work – Nancy Pelosi was the first Speaker of the House to file two impeachment measures against former President Trump. He helped lead Congress’ response to the Great Depression. led approval of ObamaCare; securing trillions of dollars in emergency relief during the COVID pandemic; The investigation into the attack on the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 has begun.

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Biden: ‘I have stood up for American democracy’ – Joe Biden called Nancy Pelosi to congratulate her on her “historic leadership.” The White House is reporting it. And the US President stressed in a note that the Democrat was “the most important speaker in history.” “When I think of Nancy Pelosi, I think of dignity,” Biden said, noting that Pelosi “made history” in 2007, becoming the first woman to speak.

Among the many steps in Pelosi’s career and services to the nation, Biden also noted his “pride and determination to protect our democracy from the violent and murderous January 6 insurrection.” “He may also resign from his role as leader of the Democrats, but Nancy Pelosi,” he added. You will never back down in defense of our sacred democracyBiden emphasized in his appreciation for the outgoing speaker.