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“I advise you to go home,” annoying - Libero Quotidiano

“I advise you to go home,” annoying – Libero Quotidiano

“At first, when my mom told us that according to her, … Mauro was Mohammed Al HabtoorI could not believe her. I thought: How could he end up there, what is our relationship with the Arabs? Antonio Romano, Mauro Romano’s brother, was kidnapped in Racal in June 1977, and his parents introduced him to the “Sheikh” Al Habtoor, one of the most important men in the United Arab Emirates. Today, On newsstands tomorrow, Thursday, April 22nd.

Antonio Romano tells the newspaper about his departure from the sheikh, with whom he communicated on the phone and beyond. “In 2005 I called him and said:”Time is running, I’d like to see youHe invited me to Dubai. The next day I bought my plane ticket, Antonio Romano says, which came after I was already traveling. Late in the evening a man answered me in French. And she froze me:I advise you to go home as soon as possible. “

Romano returned without meeting Al Habtoor: “I was scared. Maybe I was wrong and sorry for that, but the next morning I ran to the airport and took the first flight to Munich. I left a box of chocolates at the reception. A Swiss for Mohammed: I know he came to take it,” Romano says. The story Federica Sciarelli broadcast on Rai Tre often deals with it, too who sawDoubts arouse maternal feelings, near-accumulating age (Mauro from 1970, officially Habtoor from 1968), two special signs: They both have a scar on their left eyebrow and a burn in their right hand.

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