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Hunters target Cecina Guelphs, and tomorrow on Morro Way, an open day is organized

Hunters target Cecina Guelphs, and tomorrow on Morro Way, an open day is organized

A nice initiative from the company that opens its doors for children (11-16 years) and elderly people (17-35) to try this sport

Michelle Valorne

Chickpea flour pie. To promote American football, which was born in the United States and quickly reached the rest of the world, Cecina Trappers is organizing an Open Day – an afternoon open to all – tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. at the new artificial turf stadium on Via Aldo Moro, in the designated school village area San Francisco, which was renovated by the municipality and turned it into a sports fortress.

As indicated in the post and on the association’s official Facebook page, children between 11 and 16 years old (junior category) and elderly (17 to 35 years old) can participate. Therefore, from the fifth grade onwards, it includes high school, university and those who have already entered the world of work.

The message written by the managers is, “Come on, try and join us!” , Is an invitation for those who want to know technicians, rules, clothing, and game modes from one line to the next.

The board is formed by the president Pierluigi TarchiBy MP Simon Bendinelli And board members Pietro d’Angelo, Luca Giovanini, Marco Lecce, and Vito Di Conzolo. The Rossoplei Association, which in the past played home matches in Balzi, has moved into the new facility, Travers Stadium, ideal for organizing league matches and other fixtures, as well as weekly tactical and technical sessions. It is marked by white lines, doors, and numbered respect areas, clearly visible not only in the provincial panorama.

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The management investment, and above all the company, aims to increase the number of cardholders and return the debt to its correct class. Executives assure that all participants will receive a free, quick swab of saliva in the presence of a nurse. This is to ensure initiatives are always implemented safely and in accordance with federal rules. For information, interested parties can call: 0961087 377 or on Facebook and Instagram.

Meanwhile, official activity is underway. Al Ittihad is registered in the Italian championship with nine players, and its first day is scheduled to be Saturday 24th in Florence, at the Gilfi Stadium, when the players train. Alessio Limongley They will be looking for the first tournament success. West Coast Pisa completes the assembly.

It’s going to be challenges every time, because football is so unpredictable. The regulations confirm that the first stage immediately moves to the next stage, to which the best runners-up in Italy will qualify. His home appearances are scheduled to begin on Saturday May 1 at 9 PM, at night. The structure is well lit and there will be no problems for professionals to follow the stages of the game.

The trainer and his assistants, who are aware of the difficulties that await them, continue the road map, taking into account the ministerial clauses and the federation. The desire to leave is wonderful, in safety, and with the desire to treat yourself for a season like champions –

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