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Hubble gives us a surprising image of a new nebula

Hubble gives us a surprising image of a new nebula

NASA’s Space Telescope has captured some very interesting images of space, and what it should show us is not at all very common. So let’s find out what he discovered.

Hubble is the main instrument used by NASA in its space research. I managed to take many interesting pictures in a short time – Computermagazine, en

Hubble, the space telescope for NASA – Plus the biggest magnifying glass available to him – although there are quite a few Technical problem Recently, however, he managed to achieve a big job.

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In fact, we got some Pictures Thanks to this amazing tool that is breathtaking, and if now it is capable of give us Feelings like this, maybe in the future you will give us some Photo More and more interesting.

Hubble discovery

Hubble gives us a surprising image of a new nebula
It is possible to easily find many images of the NGC 1977 nebula, like this for example –

In particular, while observing the nebula NGC 1977, note HubbleHerbig Harrow, or simply HH, this is a type of nebula that is very difficult to detect and appears to have been created by contact Supersonic speeds – This is it hundreds of kilometers to the second – from ionized gas emitted by a newborn star and a group of gas and dust that revolves around it.

This phenomenon gives birth to some shock waves Very powerful which, in this case, constitutes Herbig-Haro. over there NASA Explain that the blue tips of the nebula areoxygen sprayer, while purple represents a file ionized magnesium. The remaining shades, on the other hand, are various powders space elements.

All this constitutes His Highness who knows”by thinking“Because it becomes visible because it reflects emitted light of nearby stars. but HubbleIn order to find this nebula, what was he looking for the origin?

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He intended to observe space NGC 1977 searching for Jets of interstellar matter NS protoplanetary discs About newly created stars, then examine the environments in which they evolved. However, that is exactly where you are unbeaten The Herbig-Haro 45 is very rare.

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We don’t know when it will happen again Similar experience, but since the space telescope is always looking for important secrets to unravel, it is very likely that we will learn about More news Immediately after that. On the other hand, it is difficult to escape from one scene magnifying glass very complicated.