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Huawei’s CFO may be released from the United States

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That is the year 2018 Meng Wancho, Of the CFO Huawei Daughter of founder Ren Zhengfei, she came Arrested in Canada Sub row United States. A news item that caused a certain stir could start tensions between the US and China and lead to popularity a few months later. Tires on Hawaii. Known in China as the “Princess of Hawaii”, she began working in the family company’s finance department in 1998. Over the years, he climbed the rankings to get that spot Director of Finance (Chief Financial Officer), as well as the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors.

There were those who speculated that Meng Wancho could become the CEO of a Hawaiian company after his father. The truth is that on December 1, 2018, before leaving for a trip from Vancouver to Hong Kong, he was arrested by Canadian police at the request of the United States. Motivation? Charges Conspiracy and fraud of international companies. Strictly speaking, Meng was accused of recovering money for a Hawaiian company, but it really is going away Skycom, A subsidiary of Huawei Trade relations with Iran. Relationships aimed at selling equipment with US technologies, in violation of restrictions and restrictions imposed by the United States and the European Union since 2016.

Huawei’s CFO may return to China soon: Here are the latest implications

Over the next few weeks, Meng arrived Released on bailHowever, she was subjected to electronic surveillance and passport withdrawal. Since then, she has been unable to leave Vancouver as part of her bail deal and has not been tracked 24/7. The United States has asked Canadian authorities to deport her for questioning on U.S. soil. Not only that: In January 2019, the United States accused the CFO of banking and telecommunications fraud. During the same period, among other things, Hawaii has been charged with intellectual property theft Against the American operator D-Mobile.

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In 2019, Meng Wanzhou’s lawyers alternated Case against the Canadian federal government, Accused of detaining and interrogating her prior to her official arrest. A ploy carried out by the American authorities to seize the evidence thus without which they could not be arrested.

Hawaii Meng Wancho

From 2019 until today, the legal dietrip has been going on for a long time, but it seems that something is moving in favor of Meng. According to a Reuters report, The United States is ready to end the controversyExcluding extradition and criminal proceedings. Sources suggest Guilty plea And the charge of one Very high fines (Its size is unknown) vs. Hawaii CFO.

The parties have been negotiating for several weeks to explain the deal because the judicial hearings ended in August and the date Judgment Is set October 21. This “softening” of the United States involved the arrest of two Canadians in China, one of whom was sentenced to 11 years in prison on espionage charges. Meng Wancho’s release is seen as a possible negotiation by China to do so, even if the sources do not speak openly.

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