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Huawei: Two Chinese spies allegedly tried to bribe US official

Huawei: Two Chinese spies allegedly tried to bribe US official

According to the allegations, two Chinese spies had an illicit relationship with a US official. Get confidential documents.

This, according to the report, One of the results of Investigations Launched in 2017 by Huawei. In a classic movie plot, two spies, Gaozhun He and Zheng Wang, would have acted as emissaries of the Eastern Power. Communicates with an American officialIgnoring double play e Worked for the FBI.

In this regard, he has expressed very strongly Director A well-known detective agency, Christopher Way Rather than yesterday’s speech (we are reporting part of it, you can read it Here) has made it clear that China is behind the case, and more:

In these cases, and thousands more, we have found that the Chinese government threatens established democratic norms and the rule of law, undermining U.S. economic security and basic human rights, including those of Americans. […] As I mentioned earlier, their economic attacks and their rights violations are part of the same problem. Both violate the law. And one of the objectives of the Chinese government’s crackdown is to make it easy to steal our inventions“.

The investigation revealed that Gaochun and Zheng Wang paid almost the same amount to the said official. 61 thousand dollars in Bitcoin (more precisely NOK 640,000 Swedish) so he can Get case strategy documents, witness lists and evidence The case relates to a case against a China-based telecommunications company. A company that remains anonymous, at least officially, but which some informed sources have clearly identified as Huawei.

Arrest warrants have been issued for two alleged spies, but living in China makes it unlikely that they will ever end up in jail or even before a court. Except for him and Zeng, the investigation into the network ends Eleven othersAll Chinese nationals were accused in various ways of trying to illegally influence the United States.

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Obviously, the American version of the story can’t be taken as true until the end of the trial and investigation. Obviously a lot of economic interests are at stake. We will continue to follow this issue.