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How to transfer your files from iPhone to Mac without iTunes


How many times have we found ourselves needing to transfer files between iPhone and Mac, and looking for a quick and easy solution to do so?

The answer to this need comes with Mac X Media Trans, an innovative program that promises to greatly simplify this process. If using iTunes for these operations has always left you unsatisfied or if you are looking for a more direct and quick way, then you are in the right place.

Can also transfer files from iPhone to Mac without using iTunes – (Source Canva)

MacX MediaTrans is extremely versatile, offering a wide range of features designed to make it easy to exchange files between iOS devices like iPhone and iPad and your Mac. This program allows transfer Not only photos but also music, videos, podcasts and books And much more. One of its main features is the ability to do high-speed transfers, eliminating the long waits typical when using iTunes or the slowness found in Airdrop.

One of the most appreciated jobs is definitely the one associated with it Music library management. With MacX MediaTrends, you can add or delete music tracks without having to go through iTunes. You can also create and manage playlists directly from your Mac in an intuitive way.

Protect precious memories

Transferring photos and videos from iPhone to Mac will not only save space on your device but will also keep your precious memories safe. Create something Copy your files to your computer You will have certainty that this data will not be lost if the mobile device is lost or damaged.

Move your files easily and quickly from one Apple device to another – (Source Canva)

For those who are particularly concerned about their privacy, it is important to emphasize that by using this program, it is possible to protect their multimedia files thanks to Advanced encryption systems.

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Another noteworthy feature relates to the capability it provides Mac X Media Trans: Convert audio and video formats to be Compatible with iOS devices. This feature is very useful when you want to view or listen to certain files on your iPhone or iPad that originally contain unsupported formats.

Intuitive interface and simple installation

The software’s user interface is designed to be intuitive and accessible even to less experienced users. The installation process follows a few simple steps: After downloading the program from the official website (also available in a free version), all you have to do is Open dmg Download the icon and drag it to your Mac’s Applications folder.

To connect iPhone to computer, simply use USB cable Provided with the device itself by following the on-screen instructions to allow the computer to access the data. there Image management It is done through a specific tab within the application where it will be possible to export them from the device to the computer or import others previously saved on the Mac to the iPhone.

Similar to image management, Videos too They can be easily transferred between devices thanks to the custom features included in the program. Section Dedicated to music Instead, it allows for easy insertion and removal of music tracks from your iOS device as well as personal creation of playlists.

In the end, with its many features and easy-to-use interface, MacX MediaTrans represents the perfect solution for anyone who wants an effective and efficient system for managing their data exchange between iPhone/iPad and Mac without facing the typical drawbacks of tool standards provided by the parent company Apple.

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