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How to increase the amount

Citizenship income too low? There is a way to increase the amount of the monthly allowance: Here’s how.

Who benefits from basic income He is not always aware of the criteria by which the amount due is determined.

Citizenship income on

The amount of citizenship income is affected by various factors beyond the initial economic status of the family unit, and many families have complained of receiving too low a sum. To calculate the amount to be paid monthly is taken into account Last ISEE SentEquivalent Economic Status: This indicator provides a snapshot of the applicants’ family economic status.

Of course, economic conditions change from year to year and it is necessary to communicate quickly Update ISEE by calling KAF or Patronate To witness the new economic situation and thus obtain increased support. To request an addition to your total citizenship income, you can contact the National Social Security Institute directly through the number available online in various ways. The call center is available to users 24 hours a day even on holidays: it’s completely free. INPS can also be contacted directly from the corporate website, by accessing the user’s reserved area via Spid, CNS or CIE.

Italian citizenship income: comparison with income in other European countries

Regarding citizenship income, there are significant differences between Italian support and those offered by other European countries. Italy was one of the last countries that chose to present Minimum income for citizenswhile in other European countries the subsidy measure has been active for some time.

Compared to the income of other European citizens, the Italian income is more pronounced, especially in the case of single people or small families. This represents a point in favor of implementing this support measure on the Italian peninsula. But for a feature that is favorable, there are at least two that are considered a disadvantage, such as Weak social integration system And the absence of structures, oversight bodies and support that would allow for a gradual reintegration into the world of work.

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Citizenship Income Tax
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In Italy there are total Absence of mechanisms that would encourage the search for new work and helping those who are entitled to benefits find work that allows them to think about their own livelihoods and that of their families independently. This is one of the main topics of discussion in the election campaign that will lead to the political elections on September 25.