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How the European Central Bank and the Commission will put us in chains if we don't respond: listen to ICEBERG, the programme

How the European Central Bank and the Commission will put us in chains if we don’t respond: listen to ICEBERG, the programme

Iceberg is one of the few media talk shows involved. Instead of some kind of arena where people who are aggressive and unwilling to fight for ideas they don’t have as gladiators are called in, where the leader acts like an emperor, running his thumb up or down, here we have a few highly trained people who are understandably speaking about deep problems And with a leader who facilitates the discussion and does not prevent it.

This episode is essential if you want to understand the enormous risks facing our future. Luciano Barra Caracciolo, Antonio Maria Rinaldi, Cesar Buzzi and Gianni Alemanno address the biggest problem the next government will face: the Transitional Protection Instrument (TPI), the anti-fragmentation tool developed by the European Central Bank that should keep interest rates quiet. Italian bond interest and the difference is in fact a highly politicized tool that makes all our future government activities conditional on the judgment of the European Central Bank, the Commission and even the Ministry of Finance. In practice, you either blindly adhere to the Commission, the European Central Bank and even the ESM, or else they drown us. Among other things, precisely because it is conditional, it is useless in protecting the euro, because it certainly is not.

At this point, any vote or government becomes useless, unless it has the power and ability to oppose, even forcefully, the orders of the German “friends” who control the Commission and the European Central Bank. So turn off the TV, put the gag on Mentana and listen to Iceberg. Your life and the lives of your children are at stake.

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