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How smart work is changing, the new rules from September

Smart work changes. Since September 1, there have been some important innovations aimed at removing bureaucracy from this new way of working, which in fact Comes into operation After extensive use during the closing period.

The rules, introduced by the simplification decree published after August 15 in the Official Gazette, were put into effect by a ministerial decree signed by Labor Secretary Andrea Orlando. from september toThe individual agreement that supersedes the rules envisaged during the Covid emergency. But employers will not have to communicate employee membership to each employee, but they will have the possibility to send names in a simplified way.

Workers who will not join the agreement They will have to work in existence There are currently no automated mechanisms for vulnerable workers or those with children under 14 years of age.

“The ordinance – explains Labor Secretary Andrea Orlando – requires the employer to electronically report to the Department of Labor the names of workers and the start and end dates of work in an agile manner. This is an important provision. Making structural work simplify.”

Technically – the ministry clarifies – Article 23 of the law of May 22, 2017. Thus, the previous obligation to notify the individual agreement from September 1 will be replaced by a mere notification Names of workers and Start and end date of working performance in agile mode. “It is a first step – we read – by which communication obligations related to rapid action are also simplified in light of the experience gained during the pandemic and in response to a specific request made by the social partners in the National Protocol to Work in the Agile Mode of the Private Sector signed by the Minister of Labor and Social Partners on December 7, 2021” .

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“The need to simplify communication obligations arises from need to make structural A procedure that has already been widely tested in the emergency period – confirms Minister Andrea Orlando – in light of the increasing use of this method of carrying out the work. In this way the procedures for employers are simplified and the situation of ministerial offices is not aggravated by administrative requirements that are considered unnecessary.”

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