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How Russia's referendum is taking place in the occupied territories of Ukraine, between voting with "machine guns" and electing voters from house to house - VIDEO

How Russia’s referendum is taking place in the occupied territories of Ukraine, between voting with “machine guns” and electing voters from house to house – VIDEO

Soldiers escorting people to vote armed with automatic rifles, impromptu feasts on city streets, and army men who go from house to house to deliver the ballot. vote for Referendum In the Ukrainian Donbass regions occupied by Russian troops: Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhya and Cherson. If on the one hand, Moscow news agencies, such as taxthey report videos and comments from people Excited to join the “Russian Homeland”.Ukrainians present scenarios of its population forced to vote. Breaking news He published several videos showing the Russian army, and they can be recognized by white gangs Attached by arm or leg, take residents to buildings where they can fill out their forms.

The Russian army escorts the voters

A similar incident was documented in Energodar, in the Zaporizhzhia region. But also the head of the Lugansk Regional Military Administration, Serhi HeidiHe describes this referendum as: “a public opinion poll Under the nozzle of the sprinklersHe tells of soldiers who, while conducting a “flat by apartment”, to give a semblance of security to a secret ballot, “offer Cover yourself with cartoonBut there were also cases when people had to vote more than once. Yuri SobolevskyDeputy Governor of the Territorial Administration of Cherson, speaking of the residents who “were Forced to vote for the whole familyAnd between “election committees accompanied by armed soldiers roaming the area and chasing voters, trying in every way to avoid them.”

Checks at the polls

Quoted by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense UNIANdeplores how it isIt is impossible to vote against him Annexation referendum for Russia. Because the militants control what people write.” Not only. And they announced from Kyiv that after the vote, “Russians issue passports to men. And they send Recruitment calls immediately to join the Union Army. Even the same taxAmong the testimonies of polling enthusiasts are photos and videos of tables set in the streets crowds of people to vote on it. Without guaranteeing the confidentiality of voting in any way.

taxes | There is a voting office next to Lugansk High School

According to the General and Deputy Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine Oleksiy Hiromovcan be the new troops that have been recruited this way Sent to the Russian Border Service. In this way, they will release their military personnel involved in covering the border with Ukraine.

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