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How is Fedez? “Mystery” over health and silence on social networking sites


For someone like him who is used to posting highlights of his life every day, the social “silence” for almost two days is strange: Fedez “He has not been heard” for several hours, worrying the fans, especially after the tweet of gossip expert Alessandro Ruzica on his account Instagram The social investigator announced that the rapper was going to be admitted to the hospital to undergo some tests on his health but would then return home.

What happens to Fedez?

Never before have so many conditionals been used for the person concerned to tell the truth (if he or she wants): the denial of hypothetical treatment at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan came from the Fidesz crew through the pages of the weekly magazine Al-Youm. However, in this Case, it would just be a denial of the Hulk, not the fact that he remained under observation in another hospital for a few hours as Ruzica was keen to point out.”Not in San Rafael, in another hospital. His employees did not deny this“, he is writing.

In short, at the moment there is a lot of ado about what happened to Chiara Ferragni’s ex-husband in the last few hours but what cannot be denied is his absence from social media, a very strange fact for the singer who, especially after the separation, made sure to constantly update his followers. A few days ago, how could we not remember the prank played on Matteo Salvini live on Twitch with a prank call at 11pm that angered the Deputy Prime Minister and League leader.

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Absence from the event

The assumption that Fedez is not at the top of his game is also his absence from the “” stage.Team Summer Hits” Which on Friday evening, June 14, saw the conclusion of the event with the event held in Piazza del Popolo, in Rome, where he was supposed to sing his new single Fedez with Emis Killa. In short, we will certainly know more in the next few hours confirming that Rusica has returned to the topic in An Instagram story explaining that it was going to be really bad, and now it’s better with someone who can help him.

In this case, it is assumed that next to him will be the French model Garance Authié but even in this regard there is no concrete news since the model has published some photos and videos of a holiday in Capri, thus far from Milan.


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