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How does the President of the United States make a video call?  Here's Biden's "Monitor"

How does the President of the United States make a video call? Here’s Biden’s “Monitor”

Have you ever wondered what the technology station of the President of the United States looks like? Well, it’s time to find out, but if you haven’t already, we suggest you check it out too Smartphone used by Bill Gates.

Effectively, A far cry from science fiction In which the American president is equipped with technological avant-gardes far from consumer production, President Biden’s system is more humane and not accessible to all.

It starts with the monitor itself: if you want to feel like one of the most powerful people in the world, you can’t do without a top-notch screen. Without further ado, “Zoom configuration“A scene dedicated to video conferencing by Biden: According to the guys from The Verge, In one of his recent tweets, immortality would be a neat plank, not among the most recent models but still absolutely premium. To be fair, the 65-inch 4K model should cost more than $7,000 in the Zoom configuration.

If this setup doesn’t really fit your budget, Barack Obama might be more accessible. Shown in a recent video on the YouTube channel Obama FoundationThe former US president is making a video call with an iPad Pro and flaunting the stand for over $20.

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