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How does it work after returning to the PlayStation Store?  Analysis on PS5 and PS4

How does it work after returning to the PlayStation Store? Analysis on PS5 and PS4

After returning to the PlayStation Store after a months-long absence, Cyberpunk 2077 recently welcomed the 1.23 . patch, which the CD Projekt RED development team went with to improve the technical sector of the game and its general stability.

Digital Foundry never missed an opportunity to re-analyze the open world of Sci-Fi and touch on the changes made to all Sony consoles. As we well know, the standard PS4 version of the game (along with Xbox One 1) has always suffered the most, especially from the point of view of game fluidity. This latest patch will be enough to fix things?

While tangible improvements are from the past, Digital Foundry reluctantly stated that the game still stands veryAnd the Far from what it should beEspecially during battles and in crowded streets.”. The frame rate is usually expected to be around 30fps which is quite danceable, but in the most exciting situations, the game struggles to maintain 20fps. It doesn’t seem like a coincidence Sony advised against playing the title on the standard PS4.
Slight differences between PS4 Pro and PS5, where Cyberpunk 2077 fails less and spins in a row At 30fps fairly steady and 60fps solid.

related an insect e defectThe situation has improved on all platforms, but even in this case the development team still has a lot of work to do if they want to reduce Problems that still appear during gaming sessions.

After it was reintroduced on the PlayStation Store, Microsoft made the decision to Review the Cyberpunk Xbox refund policy, with the home of Redmond soon returning to treat CD Projekt like any other product in his digital store.

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