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How Can Women Connect To Their Mind, Body, And Spirit Health

Women push themselves past exhaustion most days, not only with their careers but attempting to balance home, family, and self-care with their personal fulfillment.

Because of the need for self-validation, women tend to let daily life take an exhausting toll on the body and mind, plus their spirit. Fortunately, in the day we’re in now, more people are beginning to focus on nurturing wellness, making it one of the priorities over everything else, so now there’s no excuse for deprivation.

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Many individuals have a distinct image of long hot baths with a nice beverage of choice, music, and a good book, but is that a genuine depiction of what all women want as a means to nurture their soul? Not necessarily.

Let’s look at a few things that women worldwide do to break away from that overwhelm or rejuvenate when they reach the point of being worn out.

How Can Women Connect To Their Mind, Body, And Spirit Health

Women have full plates when you think about balancing careers, homes, children, meal planning, appointments, self-care, and whatever else crops up during a busy week. What can rejuvenate when that feeling of overwhelm sets in after things spiral out of control or fatigue takes over, and there’s nothing left to give?

Many people, women included, are of the false perception that a hot tub for about an hour with a chosen beverage, soft music, and a good book is the ideal solution.

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That may genuinely work for some, but it isn’t always the answer for everyone. Look here for tips on self-care for women catering to mind, body, and soul. Let’s look at how some women choose to decompress with some methods of relaxing being really simple.

●      Disconnect from all electronics.

We’re in an age that is expressly heavy in technology, with everyone being on some kind of device all day, every day into the evening up until time for sleep. No one needs to be on their phone or watching TV 20 hours a day with merely four or fewer hours of sleep. It’s no surprise people are stressed to their limits by staring at a screen until all hours.

There’s no point in the mind coming to a moment of calm even if you wanted to attempt to rest.

Instead of watching TV or flipping through the phone all the way up until bedtime, read a book, go for a brisk walk, talk to a friend on a landline (if you have one) or go for an actual visit, prepare a healthy meal for your lunch the next day.

There are so many productive things you can do that will relax and calm your mind and body to the point of being ready for slumber without being connected. Set a time each evening and turn everything off at least two hours before bed.

●      Pay attention to your body.

Your body will tell you what you need if you listen. There will not be a time that your body says it wants potato chips; that’s all in your thought process. The body is craving healthy, wholesome snacks.

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You need to be more intentional and conscious with your lifestyle to work with your body instead of battling against its needs, making it less healthy in the long run.

It takes time to readjust habits but do so gradually. In the beginning, it will be somewhat disappointing, but over time you’ll start to crave the new things over the old.

Instead of having ice cream, switch out for perhaps sherbet or low-fat frozen yogurt. When you want candy look instead for fruit options that will satisfy that sugar craving.

When you take away the overstimulating sugars and junk food, your body will begin to automatically relax and develop a sense of calm in your mind and body along with overall peace.

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●      Spend time in nature.

People’s minds benefit from even only a spare few moments outdoors in nature. If you’re a woman who lives in the city, look for a public park with trails where you can spend time as often as possible or even find bike trails where you can ride your bike.

If you live in an apartment, that doesn’t mean you can’t plant a garden, open your window to the patio or even a fire escape and do some container plants. Nature is the ideal way to rejuvenate the spirit.

If you can sit in a chair or stool out there, spend time with some music and your foliage each evening and a good book, that’s ten times better than sitting in a tub of water for an hour, especially if you have a good snack and beverage.

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Final Thought

The final takeaway is to allow yourself to breathe – body, mind, soul, all the way, including taking off the makeup and letting your skin be free to feel the air and the sun, taking deep breaths of fresh air.

At least one day a week, leave the makeup off, go out in the fresh air and breathe in all the goodness. Don’t blowdry your hair, dress casually, go barefoot on the patio, and just let the air take your breath.

There’s nothing better than just feeling free of all your cares, worries, pressures, stresses, and pretenses. That is a woman enjoying relaxation to the hilt.