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Horoscope for today, predictions for September 29th

Horoscope for today, predictions for September 29th

Start the day by discovering what the stars have in store for you: here is your horoscope today with the sign for September 29th.

Beautiful Saturn if you were born in April raises your sensitivity and helps you guess the mood of others with happy accuracy at times. In love, learn how to maintain a balanced attitude and not allow emotion to control yourself. If you are a freelancer, close your activities at the end of the month seriously and with a sense of responsibility.

A state of peace and absence of anxiety are your secret aspirations, especially if you were born in the month of May. In love, Jupiter Aries invites you to enjoy the company of your friends with your beautiful half. Work: The movements of the stars hold you in store for some successes in your work.

The universal positivity that the planets proclaim is reflected in your physical appearance, which appears dazzling. A single Gemini still has the opportunity to meet new people, but they have to jump in. In the meantime, you think that you can invest in a property: a friend will be able to advise you.

The month is about to come to an end with a boom that has been, by and large, very gracious to you. And the situation is getting better. In love, dedicate yourselves to your loved one with the tenderness you are able to, and listening to their needs. The Moon, Uranus, and Neptune, in a stellar aspect, give you a great race to complete each commitment.

Group games, water activities, everything to suit your desire to move. The flower also gives you a beautiful family harmony. In love, your emotional warmth returns to resolve the misunderstanding that arose with your beloved. If you are in your second decade, you will find it difficult to stick to the schedule if you are self-employed.

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Pluto gives you excellent muscle strength: with swimming and cycling, you can show how much strength you are hiding. In love, you settle in the arms of the one you love. Action: If you still find yourself struggling, you will show your tireless energy charge by closing your monthly or weekly commitments with great energy.

Mars facilitates family and friendly relationships, informal contacts and unexpected encounters. Venus makes you affectionate and understanding with the person next to you. On the other hand, the sun makes you communicative and dynamic in new knowledge. Work: If you’re about to close your doors by the end of the month, you’ll be able to run out of commitments.

Likes to move: Running, jogging, and swimming will do a lot for your tendency to be sedentary. Neptune and Pluto make you respectful of your partner and actively interested in everything they do both concretely and professionally. At work you may be experiencing a moment of professional confusion and need to clear your mind.

In friendships, be careful not to be overly dominant and not raise your tone in the face of potential opinions. In the case of love, pay attention to mood swings (your mood or others), which Mars can create within the relationship. Today’s Neptune can make you extraordinarily frugal or quite narrow.

Indulge in cultural pleasures such as visits to exhibitions, art events and museums. Very positive Uranus is the champion of well-being of the mind and spirit. In love, Venus urges you to come out of your shell, especially if you were born between December 21 and 27. Jobs: Record a monthly close with good accounts and good prospects for the fall months.

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A sparkling stage opens in the company of cute friends, where your authentic charm shines through to the fullest. The surly moon does not give you that ease in seducing and charming anyone, especially if you are of lonely hearts. At work, you give a big hand to a colleague who is having difficulty.

The planets give you courage, willpower and the spirit of transgression that characterizes your sign. In love, you get along perfectly with someone who has recently filled the missing emotional space in your heart. Neptune helps you adapt to the ever-evolving present of work.