Thursday, July 25, 2024

Horizon, a leak reveals a gameplay video of the multiplayer game –


Talk about it Multiplayer game to horizon was a victim Leaking In the past few hours, with a gameplay videos It lasted about twelve minutes and has appeared online, showing a clear introductory build to test in action, complete with debugging features.

Rumors have been circulating about this project since last September, when Guerrilla Games began contracting a multiplayer game for the Horizon saga, without officially presenting the product, which until now still has no name.

Below you can see an excerpt from the two-minute video, which was originally much longer as mentioned. Several characters are shown moving in the typical scenario of Horizon, complete with machines to attack them. Moreover, it appears to be the first artwork for the game.

It is not yet clear what exactly the mechanics experiment is, and which at the moment it refers to Collaborative system Where a team of players will find themselves surviving inside a map filled with machines to fight with, perhaps by obtaining resources and weapons on the fly.

Depending on the actual history of the stolen material, which we don’t know if it comes from an older or newer build, it could be a long time before the official presentation of this multiplayer offering from Horizon. So we are waiting for more details.

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