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Hope vestita da sposa / Beautiful

HOPE arrived dressed as a bride to the wedding of Thomas and Zoe. Why does he do that?

The next day Italian rings From BeautifulMarriage between Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) H. Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) It’s going to be eventful. At the time of the exchange of votes, the two would actually be interrupted Hope Logan (Anika Noel) who will appear at the party dressed as a bride. Let’s find out together why …

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Beautiful, news: Hope discovers that Thomas has manipulated Steve

The Progress It indicates that everything will begin in the moment Stevie (Jacqueline McCaines-Wood) will admit to Hope that she accepted Liam because she was convinced by her brother Thomas. At this point, Logan will have proof that Forster has never forgotten her and he will understand that he is preparing to marry Zoe just to spark jealousy.

Lending a hand to this idea would also be the strange brainwashing that Thomas would do to the baby Douglas (Henry Joseph Sameri), who will tell him in no uncertain terms that Hope will not be his “mother” anymore if the marriage to Buckingham continues. When the puzzle gets all together, Logan will contemplate revenge …

Jamila, The Plots: The Revenge of Hope

In short, Hope will want to put Thomas to the test and come up with a demonic plan that can reveal all the lies that Zoe and her relatives have told to make them believe that she has completely forgotten her.

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The girl will then arm herself with courage and decide to appear at Thomas and Zoe’s wedding in the dress designed by the designer for the new collection of Hope for the future. Obviously, her intention would be to confuse Forrester, leading him to believe that she was ready to marry him and in fact making him empty poor Buckingham on the altar, destroying his intrigues.

Beautiful, spoiled: Amal dressed as a bride. How would Thomas react?

So you should pay attention to the following events: First of all, Douglas will be troubled by a real crisis of anxiety before the exchange of marriage vows. However, a moment of great stress will come when Hope takes the stage dressed as a bride.

At that point, Thomas would suddenly change his attitude towards Zoe and let her understand that he never liked her and that his target was always Logan.

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However, at least in the first moments, Thomas wouldn’t understand that Hope was deceiving him into revealing his conviction and being completely happy next to Liam!

This miscalculation will lead the boy into a heated confrontation with his father Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), disappointed once again by his traps … to stay up-to-date on this topic, Follow us on Google News by going to this page and clicking on the button marked “star”.

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