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Honda V4 engine patent.  Sometimes V2 - News

Honda V4 engine patent. Sometimes V2 – News

This Honda patent was registered in Japan and the United States in 2013, but now it is also deposited in Europe.
After a long time perhaps because the Japanese company may not have put this project aside, in addition to protecting it on our continent as well.

This is a schematic drive V4 The angle between the cylinders appears to be 90 degrees and the subject of the patent relates to Disable / activate the back cylinders.

This possibility is already finding applications on series models, with two and four cylinders, and Turns off the back row At idle, the engine reduces heat transfer and reduces fuel consumption and emissions at the same time. It is used for example in some engines Harley DavidsonAnd Indian and also for the last time V4 Ducati, as well as in the automotive field.
This system works only at the lowest speeds, and also so as not to adversely affect the catalysts (excess oxygen).

The concept presented by Honda surpasses all that because Changes the normal circulation of gases, but above all because it aims to start the engine Even in the higher courses Full or partial cylinder playback On demand for energy Coming from the accelerator.

The graphics show the circulation of fresh gases on the intake and exhaust gases when the rear cylinder bank is deactivated. this is the last ritrnano all’air صندوق box After the circuit is opened by an electronically operated valve.

In this way, emissions are also controlled.

V4 engine, for decades the leading in terms of technical ability Honda, in fact left the lists of the Japanese giant because of the lanes in Pollution Control Systems, but also because of its more expensive inline four-cylinder.
For a long time there has been talk of the return of the Superbike V4 Honda super sports car, but it hasn’t gone past the rumors, the most recent of which was the MotoGP Open-derived RC213V-S.

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However, for a high-end model, not just sporty of course, the V4 will still have the cards to play. So don’t just leave it to Ducati or Aprilia maybe…