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Honda introduction up close


Arrives early 2026 – Four “real” seats, a good-sized trunk, a sporty and streamlined design. And more, in these times of “over-design”, it does not go unnoticed. The new Honda PreludeIt will be first revealed in prototype form in the fall of 2023, at the Tokyo Motor Show (from News), is still a prototype, but the Japanese company, in the meantime, has taken important steps forward in developing its new model. Cut at the doorwhich is supposed to hit the road in the second half of next year and land in Italian dealerships inEarly 2026.

It will be a complete hybrid, like its “sisters”. – A few days ago in Banbury, England, during the European preview of the model, we had the opportunity to get a better look at Honda PreludeIt was an excellent opportunity to get a clearer idea of look The car, more than anything else, because Interior It is still being defined and the manufacturer has not provided more details about the mechanisms than we already know (from (To learn more), just confirming that the car will be a full hybrid, like all Honda cars on sale in Europe today except for the e:Ny1 electric crossover and the Civic Type R sports car. Rumors talk about a similar hybrid system compared to the Civic, but increased from 184 to 210 horsepower, sending power to the front wheels.

Designer speaks It is important to point out that Honda Prelude Our day is not meant to be a “natural” successor to Five generations Of the coupés that followed each other from 1978 until the dawn of the first decade of the 21st century, but among those cars, sold worldwide in more than 800,000 units, the new sports car, although in very different forms (as is natural: the last introduction was released. from production in 2001), resumes the format sporty elegantwith a special focus on reducing consumption, comfort and of course Driving pleasure“But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a super-powerful car,” he predicted. alvolant “More than horses, to make driving as fun and engaging as possible, we focused on the electronic management of its vehicles,” explained project manager Tomoyuki Yamagami. deliveryEspecially in terms of the synergy between the components of the hybrid system.”

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And behind it, it reminds us a bit of the Porsche 911. – Returning to the style, with the sloping roof, wide sides and slim headlights that stretch across the entire width of the rearview mirror, Honda Prelude She has something of a Porsche 911. When asked specifically, Yamagami smiles with satisfaction. He looks pleased, and perhaps not coincidentally, since he is in the garage, next to a very lively and modern 2008 Civic Accord Euro R (a 220-horsepower “monster” that few people in our area know or remember) and a 1997 911. With a muse like that, for him, there is no doubt that the challenge of thinking and shaping the introduction of tomorrow must have a more romantic flavour…


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