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Hogwarts Legacy, a new gameplay video that shows the castle and it's cool -

Hogwarts Legacy, a new gameplay video that shows the castle and it’s cool –

Hogwarts Legacy He is the protagonist in these minutes of the presentation in which he Hogwarts Castle In all its glory, with gameplay video Where our character explores the scenario extensively.

Upon leaving the student’s room we find ourselves walking through the halls of the old school of magic and it is immediately possible to perceive so great an interest in design and architecture that they are as close as possible to a work J.K. Rowling.

Moving in the large rooms, going up and down the stairs, you can see interesting reflections on the surfaces (reflection of simple screen space?), as well as many plays of light and contrast that give visual depth to the structure.

It would have been nice to make the doors “heavier” under pressure, due to their size, but due to the nature open world It ensures that the transitions from the inside out are instant, without any waiting and even here is able to provide unforgettable glimpses.

In short, maybe a fan Harry Potter They will spend most of their time admiring the landscape and architecture that Hogwarts ensures rather than following the game’s many contents, some of which are meticulously illustrated during the presentation.

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