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History of Italy's participation in the space race

History of Italy’s participation in the space race

“Spazio Made in Italy” will arrive on Saturday 26 March 2022 at 4.30 pm in Villa Bombrini (Solimena Room, Ground Floor). The event was organized by the Astronomical Observatory of Genoa as part of the “Beyond the Epidemic … Sow the Future” event organized by the Municipality of the Midwest, in collaboration with Società Per Cornigliano.

Antonio Lo Campo, La Stampa science journalist, and Paolo Navone, Altec flight engineer, will present an extended spaceflight to mark the release of Lo Campo’s latest documentary. A journey from 1964 to today about Italy’s participation in the space race with unpublished photos and videos, and all the missions, characters, successes and even failures that brought the Turin space pole to the Olympus of world space agencies.

A fascinating story that opens a window into a reality that has never been known enough, a source of pride and an engine of progress for all Italians.

Antonio Lo Campo has been working as a freelance science journalist for 25 years, mainly in the aviation sector. Collaborates with the newspapers “La Stampa” and “Avvenire”, in the astronomy monthly “Nuovo Orione” (edited the column “Spatial Chronicles”), “Nujoom” (edited the astronautical column) and other publications (paper and web) of scientific information and spatial. He has authored three books on the history of astronautics, and as a co-author he has collaborated on numerous editorial works on science and space topics.
He has participated in national television and radio broadcasts, always as an expert guest on topics related to spaceflight, and has collaborated on some RAI broadcasts, including “Viaggio nel cosmo”, by Piero Angela and Geo & Geo.

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Paolo Navone Aerospace Technician at Altec, a leading company in the European aerospace sector. Today he has thirty years experience in avionics and mechanics, which has led him to actively participate in many projects related to the space agencies ASI, ESA and NASA (among them IRIS, Thetered Satellite, Triana Satellite, MPLM, IXV Vehicle, Exomars and INSITU ). Writer.

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