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Historical Blues!  Bronze for the first time in history!  - OA Games

Historical Blues! Bronze for the first time in history! – OA Games

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22.13 The final for third place at the 2022 Curling World Cup, our live broadcast from Italy-USA. Thank you for following us and stay with us to analyze this historic bronze. Congratulations and good evening!

22.12 A spectacular World Cup, especially for Sebastiano Arman, had shocking percentages.

22.11 After the final fun ending, the final match for the bronze, Italy won 13-4, officially ends.

22.09 The public in Las Vegas exploded with fun: it was the catwalk for Italy to dominate this final for the bronze.

22.08 Like Amos Moses, Simon Conn runs a show with a breakthrough.

22.07 Eighth result played only for ritual: All stones are thrown, and there is nothing to seize. It turned out to be a performance.

22.06 These wonderful guys got six points for using the mistakes of the Americans!

22.04 BOCCIATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Italy wins bronze at World Championships for the first time in history !!!!!!

22.02 Tropkin’s shot is not good: Italy may fail and close Retornaz accounts!

22.00 Tropkin’s total error! Four gems in the house of Italy! We can close it!

21.59 Let’s see if Tropkin’s failures succeed: America has a strong risk of giving up.

21.57 Joe Polo’s devastating shot hits the Italian stone home. A kind of Haragiri from the United States.

21.56 Armaan’s two defeats: Italy trying to manage the advantage.

21.55 Sebastiano Armon Bending Remedies Cone Two Mistakes.

21.53 Simon Conn’s two long shots: they are two errors. Very bad start of the hand.

Italy now have a better chance to extend the distance further to 21.51.

21.48 goes in support of Tropkin: Point for the United States, but the gap is wide. 7-4 for Italy at the end of the six.

21.45 Slightly past Retornas’ pitch: The last stone for the United States.

21.42 Dropkin’s bad shot and double failed! What an opportunity for Retornaz!

21.39 Italy is in good standing with three valid stones.

21.36 Hammer for the United States at the Sixth End.

21.31 A good Italy seen in the first half: The Blues made some mistakes, but they were able to make the right choices at the most crucial moments.

21.28 Tropkins Stone Short! Steal Italy’s hand !! 7-3 for the Blues !!

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21.27 Tropkin can get a maximum of one point.

21.26 Wide and long stone thrown by Joel Retornas: a bug that can be used by hosts.

21.24 Failed in Tropkin’s rejection, but opens a passage for the last American stone.

21.22 Retornaz and the very good shot of the United States is bound to continue to fail.

21.21 Joe Polo’s double rejection and this is a good shot for the United States.

21.20 No great shot by Joe Polo: There are two perfect Italian gems.

21.19 Moses goes to cover the point: there are three yellow stones inside the house.

21.17 Fenner lays the stone at the center line to prevent the Assyrian from being rebuilt.

21.15 There are three Italian gems in the house: the United States can now counter-attack.

21.13 Two stones in the center line placed by Italy.

21.11 And they are two !! Italy advances 6-3 after four draws!

Situation in the 21.10 range: Italy need to measure the distance from the center to a possible second point.

21.08 Joel Retornas has a small space: if he falls on the stone it will be a big end for Italy.

21.06 Three Yellow Gems Currently Valid: The Last Stone for the United States.

21.05 Everything in Moses’ Hands: In front of him are two very heavy pitches.

21.03 Good shot of Mosner and there are three yellow stones in the center of the house.

21.02 Slightly longer shot of Motion: Americans can support themselves.

21.00 Fenner and Italy can not go for a better shot attack.

20.58 Cone’s shot is not bad: there is only one point for the United States in the House.

20.56 Italy still have a hammer at the fourth end and should try to stretch.

20.53 Mosaner can only dismiss one. America stole the hand and captured another point 4-3.

20.52 Double rejection is not easy for Moses: Italy are likely to make three or four points.

20.49 Shooting is not easy right now for Tropkin, who risks giving up four points to Italy.

20.47 Amos Moses’ error in rejecting American stone, but Italian stone did not enter the house.

20.46 Red stone is invalid! Now Italy can get two points!

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Double bombing of Amos Motion at 8.45 pm !! What a shot!

20.44 Armaan cleans some of the central streets: now Italy can build.

20.43 Sebastiano Arman’s Double Rejection! Fantastic shot!

20.42 A good shot from Howell and Italy should start to fail.

20.40 Martello returned to Italy at the end of the third.

20.37 Despite two errors, Italy conceded two points: 4-2 after the first two ended in favor of Assyria.

20.35 Finally Joel Retornaz controls the damage! We give the United States only two points.

20.33 Retornaz failed in a double rejection: in this end it was not good for Italy.

20.32 Tropkin’s beautiful shot: Double defeat and chance for America to bounce back.

20.31 Joe Polo is constantly struggling and inaccurate: two valid Italian gems.

20.30 Amos Moser Error: Smooth and American stone not cleared.

20.29 Fenner’s shot too low: Italy with two valid stones.

20.28 The American house still has an Italian stone, let’s see how the hosts work.

20.25 Armand’s error in not rejecting the American stone.

20.23 The hammer at the second end now goes to the United States.

20.21 What a Start Blues !! 4-0 with Ridornas’ last surgical shot !!

20.19 Tropkin’s last stone is no exception! Retornaz can aim for four points!

20.17 Beautiful performance of Retornaz! Three Italian stones inside the house!

20.16 Tropkin shot well, now Retornas need to remove the red stone from the house.

20.14 Polo’s rejection did not succeed! Italy may pursue the guards.

20.13 At the center are three Italian gems: a difficult situation for the United States.

20.12 What a gift from Joe Polo! The house has two Italian gems.

20.11 Armaan’s good shot! Also Italy puts two stones in the house.

20.09 It is America’s fault that Italy did not remove the yellow stone from the house.

20.08 Italy Goes to the center of the house and is the failed stone.

20.07 The first two interlocking stones.

20.06 Let’s start: Italy has a hammer in this first end.

20.03 America presents itself with Corey Tropkin, Joe Polo, Mark Fenner and Tom Howell. Polo is a very experienced athlete and has been on the team since the 2006 Turin Olympics.

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20.00 Everything is ready: Joel Retornas, Sebastiano Armon, Simone Gonin and Amos Moses are trying to rewrite Italian curling history!

19.57 The United States surprisingly beat Scotland 6-4 in the qualifying round, finishing 8-5 ahead of Canada’s strength in the semifinals.

19.54 The United States has not been on the world stage since 2017, when it finished third in Edmonton.

19.51 Italy won seven of the twelve matches in the round robin, then a win over Switzerland in the play-offs and an 8-4 defeat against Sweden in the semifinals.

In the 19.48 round robin the United States has already lost 8-4: Italy is trying to repeat this success and clinch the bronze.

19.45 Italy play a medal that will be historic: in fact the Assyrians never reached the podium at the World Championships.

19.42 Good evening to the friends of OA Sport and welcome live from Italy-USA, the finalist for third place in the 2022 Curling World Cup.

Italy-US project

Hello friends and welcome to OA Game The final for the bronze medal of the 2022 Curling World Cup in Las Vegas (USA), live from Italy-USA.

After losing 8-4 in the semifinals against Sweden, the Assyrians play a historic milestone: in fact,Italy It has won a medal at the World Cup in its history. The decision to further beautify the already epic year for Italian curling. Joel Retornas, Sebastiano Arman, Simon Conin and Amos Moser They have already beaten the United States 8-4 in the round robin.

The United States From Corey Tropkin, Joe Polo, Mark Fenner and Tom Howell They won seven of the twelve round-robin games and beat Scotland 6-4 in the qualifying round, knocking out Canada’s strength of 8-5 in the semifinals alone. The last stage of the United States at the World Cup took place in Edmonton in 2017, when they finished behind Canada and Denmark.

OA Sport offers you The final for third place at the 2022 Curling World Cup in Las Vegas, USA, live from Italy-USA. Start is scheduled for 20.00. Good fun!

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