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"His family created problems for me."

“His family created problems for me.”

Lucas Perracci Fair fore. The ex-Mercedes Henger, ex-Tronesta of both men and women, resumed talking about the end of his love affair with the sinking of the ship. He had stated in Nuovo Tv magazine: “You family You made me so much Problems. he was not there Maximum grammatical justice. unfortunately they involve bad with me. I’d rather not be a part of them anymore conspiracies. I’m finally born again“.

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The relationship continued Three years, And for him, he had a Mercedes the left Rome and yes it was Transfer In Castel Arquato, in the province of Piacenza, where the model and personal trainer was born and raised.

Today Lucas and Mercedes didn’t do that preserved Any kind of relationship. to Weight Problems with the Henger family (an issue that was dealt with several times in Barbara Dorso’s living room) was also about their relationship.

Lucas Beraki emphasized that he and Mercedes Henger are two different people, with completely different lifestyles. “I’m by my side need to for a woman with a “d” capital. During this period I am fine and I am enjoying my life as a bachelor.”

The personal trainer has received an offer Very special from America: Making a red light film. It’s possible that Lucas Peracchi’s OnlyFans profile was not passed on unnoticed And someone made a short video of the guy who got this Suggestion With a high sexual rate. But Lucas wanted to refuse and devote himself to his work.

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