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His arrival maneuver to the hall was postponed to Thursday morning.  Tougher deadlines: final vote through the 24th, then the Senate

His arrival maneuver to the hall was postponed to Thursday morning. Tougher deadlines: final vote through the 24th, then the Senate

No agreement has been reached on the maneuver and the presentation in the hall is still postponed. This was announced by the Group Leaders Conference, after a day of tensions and delays. – NEW – Deadline extended by 1 day, from Wednesday to 13 a.m Thursday, December 22nd At 8. The general debate will continue room Until 11, it will be posted there A matter of trustWhile the vote of confidence will take place late Friday morning, with the possibility of continuing until Saturday 24. Finally, the deadline for the amendments was set for Thursday at 8, for the agenda at 10. The text would then go to the Senate, between December 27 and 29, where it would have to be voted on.

The fault with the third pole

Opposition arises against the administration of parliamentary steps relating to budget law. Even the most collaborative political groups, the Third pole, which decided a few weeks ago to help the government by making some proposals to Palazzo Chigi, no longer gives credence to the executive power. “Until they make it clear to each other, we will no longer sit on the committee,” he declares Charles Calenda -. But we do not intend to address the heads of institutions, as Meloni did last year by writing to the President of the Republic. We leave in peace Mattarella. But if Meloni were in opposition today, he would go and chain himself before Quirinale. At a press conference held in the Senate by representatives of Action and Italia Viva, he had participated Luigi MartinA member of the Parliamentary Budget Committee, who was the first to announce “Aventine Hill” for the third pole, said: “The speakers did not present the amendments or an opinion. The office of the Budget Committee is postponed to 16:30.” For us the game ends here, we’re exactly in the conditions we left at 4 tonight, no opinions, no recasting. There is a limit to arrogance, and there is a limit to decency. We do not accept to be in contexts where there is nothing but seriousness and responsibility to govern this country.”

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Criticism of opponents

Also 5 star movement And the Democratic Party They attack the majority. “Twenty-four hours after your arrival in the maneuver hall, the majority and the government are in complete disarray. There is no trace of the rapporteurs’ amendments, opinions or rephrasing – write Grillini deputies in the budget committee in a note -. What game are we playing? At this rate the provisional practice seems more certain than risky, and not because of opposition: the majority do everything on their own. M5s is not available for further deferrals: if the majority and the government are unable to implement the budget law, they will be responsible for it before the country.

Tax Shield Amendment (later withdrawn)

During the day there was another front, exacerbating tensions between the majority and the opposition. In fact, it appears that the center-right wanted to introduce an amendment to bring an amendment to the crimes associated withTax evasionbut then there was a file reflects. The discussion over the proposal in recent days has also been at the center of tensions between Forza Italia on the one hand and the Brotherhood of Italia on the other. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice had talked about the possibility of “pardon” for those who repented and paid. Francesco Paolo Sesto later denied by the Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti who confirmed Sunday that there would be no amnesty.

Video of the third pole press conference

Morning time (incomplete)

Financial maneuver license plate times have been extended Georgia Meloni in Parliament. In a meeting of the Chamber’s Budget Committee – I started At 19.30 yesterday, Monday, December 19th, and the duration 11 Hours – to reach agreement between the majority and the opposition on the recent changes in Budget Law 2023no one has been approved amendment. Chairman of the Commission Giuseppe MangalafuriAt about 6.20 he reopened the session to report that it was closed. The call to the office will take place today, Tuesday, December 20 at 13, and then the committee will meet again at 14. The aim, as government sources have indicated, is to close the exam in the committee in the afternoon around 17. The hall, scheduled for 1 pm tomorrow – Wednesday 21, can be postponed December – for a few hours to start the general debate and, the next day, a marathon that will also run into the night between Thursday and Friday, December 23rd. A final vote on the measure will follow. Prime Minister Meloni does not think of a hypothesistemporary practiceHe stressed, “I feel that I guarantee the implementation of the budget law on time.”

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In six working days there is no adjustment

After six days of work, no amendments had been approved. a Impasse Which can be deduced from the numbers: So far about a hundred modifications by Pd, M5s, Tripods and Avs have been put up for a vote, all of them rejected. Behind – to the other side 420 They were shelved, dozens pulled and theoretically kept in check More than 800in addition to the one he presented yesterday Meloni government Those signed by the rapporteurs and which have not yet been submitted. At 2.30 business in Sala del Mappamondo from Montecitorio She was suspended For more than three hours, on the sidelines of meetings between the government and parliamentary blocs to try to find the right balance. The government started some Negotiation, continue slowly, with different groups of majority and opposition. A dialogue that seems to be moving slowly with few resources with which to ensure coverage, because the Parliamentary Changes Fund would have been reduced to nearly 200 million euros.

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