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Highest risk of freezing weather this winter. American Studies

In the field of climatic weather developmentWe often tell you about the dangers of cold waves. be Aware of climate changeFrom runaway global warming, we’re worried about it Increasingly obvious the tear that occurs for the seasons. How many times have we written that there are no more chapters than there used to be? An unspecified number, but not to make politics demagogic, but rather because it is enough to notice it from the window, and how it goes through.

We tell you about the chaos, from impressions using data that can be refuted because they are derived from scientific research, and in the field of weather forecasting, or better weather and climate trends, we make use of sports models.

Causes of Severe Winter Weather - Increased risk of cold weather this winter.  American Studies
Causes of severe winter weather.

Articles are less concerned with tomorrow’s weather, as most of you already know, albeit in my opinion in a somewhat approximate way, from dubious reliable sources. But for most users, that’s okay, and we wouldn’t change that. but, Those who read articles in the weather newspaper want to access the latest news, find out why, and read reviews, and that’s what we do. Then it will happen that some differ, but this is also normal. We give opinions by extracting information from many sources.

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winter is coming, the first waves of frost, or rather, of adverse winter weather were seen in more than one of our lands. Hemisphere with blizzards and hail, as well as storm winds. These started in Siberia and Canada, and now there is a record of snow in northern China and even northern Mongolia, and then also an area between the northeastern United States of the Rocky Mountains and Canada.

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But the cold season will now continue very quicklyHere, the long-running mathematical models generate very bad weather with autumnal characteristics. And this has reason to give here on our site, news of the probability of such events, not certainty. Predictions are the possibility, not the safety of this or that.

This time, the scientific research that has been put into play is also in play Why in the era of global warming there are record waves of frost and snow. Studies come, as often happens, from North America, generally from the Anglo-Saxon world, where there is a great sensitivity to the subject.

When Trump was president of the United States, a large American political area has been somewhat skeptical about the actual validity of the climate change theory. Among other things, the president himself said, in the days of terrible frosts that reached the United States, that climate change did not exist, and scientists were manipulated by large multinational corporations. And Let’s face it also in Europe, these theses have been publicized in error for many. All because one had the unscientific impression, that with the recurrence of severe cold at certain times of the year, this weather event in the context of global warming of the planet was out of place.

In fact, it is clear that during the summer season they live armored in an air-conditioned area, certainly not with them Terrible heat in its partsSo little is aware of it This is what humans live for, perhaps working under the sun 12 hours a day in the middle of summer.

Okay, Science argues that the warming of the Arctic is leading to destabilizing processes in the polar vortexAnd this tends to go into crisis more and more during the cold season. The Polar Vortex is a low-pressure figure at high altitude that drives waves of cold air from the Arctic regions to the south. When this happens, the Polar Vortex is identified with a negative indicator.

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for example , During the frost of 1985Polar Vortex has been pretty bad all month. However, in those days, global warming was much lower than current values.

Recent studies have shown how frost waves occur in some regions of the hemisphere, but also in the south, it has exacerbated climate change, or rather global warming. Those that occurred in the Southern Hemisphere have other origins. Let’s remember that Antarctica, ie Antarctica calms down. This is also due to climate change which is generating excessive warming in some areas, For example, the average temperature increase in Europe was about 2°CWhile other parts of the planet are subject to cooling such as the South Pole, while others are severely exposed to the waves of freezing air from the North Pole.

Okay, North America has also seen an average rise in temperatures, which is lower than European, because it is also a destination during winter Frequent air raids in the Arctic, since the northwest currents in their parts do not pass through oceanic regions, but over icy regions such as Canada and various marine frozen regions. It is for this reason that their winters are somewhat rigid in their complexity. Also for this reason, American scientists use a lot of resources to study extreme weather phenomena in their parts.

In Europe, too, there are community organizations that study climate changeAmong these stands out Copernicus. But unfortunately we did not find any publication on this subject, not even in reference to the frost that occurred, for example, on the Iberian Peninsula during the last winter, with snowfall. Records in Madrid and most of Spain. However, American scientists have dealt with this event and attributed this phenomenon specifically to climate change. They also mentioned other frost waves that occurred in Europe, is among these British Isles, where a few years ago there was a wave of cold and snow that caught the local meteorological service so unprepared, that the following year they issued special warnings to the people living in rural villages, urging them to do so. Prepare for the harsh winter that does not happen then.

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Climate change creates chaos, predicting the difficulty, and in this respect, weather phenomena are above all severe what we see, and it can be heat, drought, heavy rain, hail, and therefore sudden heavy snowfall even in regions with a very temperate climate. It is very difficult to anticipate cold waves. They are determined by long-term mathematical models, and it is appropriate to mention them at a glance, and then over the days trace the course, extent and evolution of this troubling phenomenon, in order to obtain Concretely reliable weather forecastto warn the population.

Europe is very vulnerable to cold waves coming from Siberia because of their severity, but we are many Even those from the North Pole can be attacked. And he knows something about it Iberian Peninsula Which last winter saw the first major snowfall mentioned with a record The temperature has dropped in some inhabited places to -35 degrees Celsius. The reason was not the cold Siberia, but the cold Arctic.

All wrong with that crazy polar vortex.

Unfortunately, The difficulty is to determine the course of these weather events early on, that is why you must follow them day in and day out in order to get Reliable weather forecast.