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High tension Serbia, Kosovo and Belgrade alert the army.  Pristina: “If NATO does not remove the barriers, we will take over”

High tension Serbia, Kosovo and Belgrade alert the army. Pristina: “If NATO does not remove the barriers, we will take over”

Tensions continue to rise in the North KosovoWhere new barriers appeared today, December 27th. The Serbian government said it had sent its army High alert To deal with what it considers to be the growing threats to Pristina. «The President of Serbia ordered the Serbian army to remain in The highest level of readiness “To fight, that is, to the level of the use of armed force,” said the Serbian Minister of Defense. Milos Vucevic in these hours. “There is no reason to panic, but there is a reason to be To feel worriedHe added on TV RTS. Meanwhile, the Kosovo government requested troops Boy to raise the Serbian barricades. to me north of MitrovicaA barrier was erected on the new bridge leading from the northern part of the city to the main Mitrovica-Raska road. «The first to be installed in the city center, on Knjaza Milosa Street». Northern Serbs Kosovo I am on the eighteenth day of protest, in the atmosphere of Voltage which shows no sign of diminishing. After the Kosovo police arrested a former Serbian policeman on December 10, J. Serbian citizens protest Living in northern Kosovo intensified day by day. Create an alert inside United nations And the European Union. Which, more than twenty years after the end of the last conflict in BalkansNow fear again escalation.

Prime Minister: “If Kafour does not remove the barriers, we will do so”

prime minister Albin Cortiin an interview yesterday for BH TV Okanal (Oslobodjenje), that the barricades in the north are commanded by Serbia. Then he challenged KFOR, the NATO intervention force of which Italy is a part: «If the KFOR is unable to remove the barriers, or does not want to do so for reasons I do not know, then We have to do thatCorti warned. He added, “On our side, the barriers can be removed without incident, but the other side is not much known to us. People are in uniform, and I don’t know how they will react when our police approach. But we know that every day they receive directions from Belgrade.” The Prime Minister, KFOR Commander, Italian General Angelo Michele Restuccia, and Lars Gunnar Wigemark, Head of the EU Mission for Public Order, met yesterday, December 26, to discuss the situation.

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When will we remove the barrier? Pristina You will release Dejan Pantic, Milian Adzic and Sultan Trajkovic. And when the special police forces withdraw from the north,” the demonstrators explained, citing the names of former Kosovo police officers who were involved in the mass desertion and arrests soon after. In early November, hundreds of Serbian police officers integrated into the Kosovo Police, judges, prosecutors and other public officials left their posts en masse in protest of the decision, Now suspended by Pristina government, to ban the use of license plates issued by Serbia to Serbs living in Kosovo. The capture of Pantek then precipitated the situation.

“The Serbian army is ready to fight”

The Serbian army is on alert. The general Milan Mojcelovicthe commander of the Serbian army, said that he was sent by the President of Serbia Alexander Vucic on the border with Kosovo. Vucevic also specified that the Head of State ordered the strengthening of the existing Serbian military presence 1500 soldiers a 5000 items. Serbia does not recognize the independence of its former southern province, which is now overwhelmingly Albanian, which it declared in 2008.

Kosovo and NATO

That’s why it encourages 120 thousand Serbs Kosovo to challenge the local authorities. At a time when Pristina wants to assert its sovereignty over its entire territory. The barrier reported by RTS is one of many erected so far since December 10th. Meanwhile, the media in Pristina reported the presence of a patrol of NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo (infidels) in the fire zone. A few hours later, Kosovo’s Interior Minister, Khilal Svekla, spoke of an attack on KFOR itself. To confirm the investigation opened by the patrol Boy about a shooting incident on December 25. “There were no injuries or material damage,” Kafour said in a statement.

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Cover Photo: Reuters/ Florion Goga

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