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High on Life is the biggest Game Pass release of 2022 and ever for a third party –

Now it’s official: Microsoft confirms it high on life and the Biggest Day 1 entry ticket in 2022 And also sets the record for third-party games on the service.

It was easy to understand the fact that Squanch Games had been a hit for days, but it was still hard to predict how much: based on the data collected by Microsoft, High on Life appears to be the most successful Game Pass launch of the year 2022, but even more exciting Impressive is to note that it’s also the first day of the launch of the Game Pass of Most successful of all, as far as third party games are concerned.

So, with the exception of first-party titles from Xbox Game Studios, High on Life is the most successful overseas title, in terms of participation and the amount of players connected, since the launch of the Xbox Game Pass service until today.

Stats focus on the number of hours played, cumulatively, per game The first 5 days The availability of the game on the service.

After seeing High on Life firmly at the top of the most played games on Game Pass, becoming the most played game of yesteryear after surpassing Minecraft, the data is now official and comes from Xbox Wire.

“This was our first experience with a game launched directly on Game Pass,” he said. Mike FridleyStudio Director and COO of Squanch Games, “And we’re thrilled with the response we’ve seen from players, which has resulted in High on Life being the most popular game on Game Pass at the moment.”

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“When Squanch Games was founded, the goal was to make the games we wanted to play, and Game Pass helps us reach all those gamers that we wanted to see play our games,” Fridley explained. As indicated in our review of High on Life, the game is a sci-fi first-person shooter with truly unique characteristics, designed in collaboration with Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty.