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High expectations for the "running together" meeting

High expectations for the “running together” meeting

Sport and the Fiamme Gialle have always been a winning combination. There is a lot of anticipation for the second edition of the Athletics Meeting.”run together”, organized by Sports Flame Kit yellow in partnership with Athletic Vaticana and Vidal Lazio.

The important event will begin tomorrow at 16 o’clock, on the slopes and platforms of the Guardia di Finanza sports center in Castelporziano and after the success of last year, the enthusiasm generated by the meeting among the participants, the public and the people. Engaging in different ways, this second edition wants to re-propose the message of the 2021 edition, if possible and more forcefully, so ‘We Work Together’ will not focus on competitive artistic content, but on messages like solidarity, inclusion, friendship, in short, all those The ethical principles inherent in sport and that sport can be promoted in a very powerful way.

With the Paralympic champion from Tokyo Amber Sabatini Like a godmother, and the presence of the Cuban trio Andy Diaz Which since this year has swelled the league of athletes from all over the world training in Castelporziano, in his case under the direction of Fabrizio Donato, who only yesterday in Castiglione achieved the best performance with an exceptional 17.64m meter in the world in the triple year, the meeting includes a program that reflects as closely as possible its goal of solidarity .

In fact, it will start with the activity of youth athletics Lazio, the protagonist with the relay races for commissions and schools of athletics, then comes the role of the world of the school with relay races for the institutes, and then the Lazio Grand Prix of Guardia di Finanza, which will see, among others, representatives of the leadership The regional and five regional leaderships of Lazio. After that, embassies’ relays to the Holy See will be on track, with the personal start of Embassies of the United States, Belgium, Taiwan, Australia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Malaysia and Iraq, Who will compete with my representatives San Marta clinic Born in Astley Center for Immigrants. Finally, the friendship relay races, which, like last year, will really focus on a diverse and precious audience of champions: from the county houses of Rebibbia and Filitri, For teams of disabled children special olympics, From the relays of the Roman organizers (Appia Run, Rome Ostia, Rome Marathon), to the gentlemen, of the representatives Red Cross and USSIeven “institutional” teams X Town Hall and the government team.

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during the meeting, Orchestra from Guardia di Finanzawhich will illuminate the afternoon accompanying the various moments of the competitions, and at the end the Divine Liturgy will take place.

Brigadier General Enzo Parinello

Finally, precisely on an occasion when our association organizes an event with important social content – emphasizes General Enzo Parinello, Commander of the Polisportiva Fiamme Gialle – The 2021 social report will be presented to Viam Gial for the first time. It is a version that organically brings together, along with a series of technical and organizational information, all the social and solidarity initiatives implemented in the past year>.

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