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High checking accounts and ex-fellow accusations: all the skeletons of eva kayley in greece

High checking accounts and ex-fellow accusations: all the skeletons of eva kayley in greece

a Pandora’s box Of remarkable proportions is the opening to Qatargate after the arrest of the former Vice-President of the European Parliament Eva Kylie44, Greek politician and former journalist, president Greek Research Center for Equality Issues. Scroll through a file Asset declarations Some items stand out. for the first timeAnti-Money Laundering Authority Spotted the Athens-based company that Kylie and her husband founded a month ago Francesco Giorgi (Parliamentary assistant, also arrested): The name of the company is the trade and exploitation of real estate, especially a building on Skufa Street in Al-Husari neighborhood. Kolonaki (Near the Italian Embassy). This was the company took over by AML, but since it was created recently, it does not appear in inheritance-related advertisements.

Current accounts – Take a look at the current accounts of members of the European Parliament, moreover, one shows Continuous growth of deposits. In the 2019 Kylie declares an income of around €550,000, of which €340,000 comes from the sale of a single family home of 250m2 in the spring. At the bank instead he says he has approx 210 thousand euros, of which 189,130 ​​are depositors in a Belgian institution. It shows a total of five properties in his real estate portfolio, four of which are 100% owned and one is 25% owned. In the 2020 declaration, referring to the 2019 tax year, income is down to €219,000 but deposits are up to nearly 405 thousand, of which 335,680 are in Belgium. In the same year, he bought an apartment of 169 square meters in Athens, in the Psisekou district, for 270 thousand euros, and announced the sale of an asset as a source of money. The following year – the 2021 tax return – he indicated only €164,000 in income, while his deposits rose to 461,846 euros.

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Former subordinate stories — in a lengthy Facebook post, an employee of the think tank for equality issues, Sofia MandilaraHe goes into great detail about Kylie’s “habits”. In 2013 – he writes – the former journalist assumed the presidency of the Center and, in violation of the internal regulations, his sister Magdalena. She says that she was killed by her sisters, who replaced her despite the competition she won: When the time came to repeat the competition to renew the project, they claimed that It wasn’t titled enoughDespite a master’s degree, knowledge of three foreign languages, and obtaining an ECDL computer license. The employee reported the affair and two years later it became one He returned regularly to his site. He also tells that at one point Kylie went to her New York For Christmas with the pretense of organizing a United Nations meeting however The day the meeting ended. and that in an international tender for which she was responsible, she requested compensation for the beneficiaries of the ben project 180,658,712 miles Run by someone’s wife’s travel agency.

no – Two more loops of frames are useful for reconstructing Kylie’s moves in the EP. First, the Cypriot Member of the European Parliament Lucas Furlas He revealed that the former vice president had contacted him to approve some amendments to the report on Qatar, including the amendment that “said that Qatar It wasn’t harsh on me human rights and on suppression of homosexualityVourlas said he notified the Cypriot foreign ministry and voted against it. Then there is a recent tweet from the vice president of the Greek commission Margaritas Schinas, who proposed granting Qatari citizens the right to travel to Europe without a visa “due to the increasing intensity and depth of the EU’s relations with the country.” Tasdeeq sheds light on the work of the Vice President of the Authority, who we must remember that he did not participate in Qatar Gate.

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