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"He's never done anything like this."

“He’s never done anything like this.”

She has been missing for 24 hours Roberta Villani woman live in Modena, which I only heard last night from his sister. The program announces its disappearance who saw, from Rai3, who was contacted by Roberta’s sister Linda. “She left yesterday, confirmed on Thursday evening that she would do my hair, and then we saw this morning that she was sending good morning messages as usual.” She left her car and handbag at home, and walked out with only the house keys and cell phoneNow inaccessible. “Nothing like this has ever happened before, he wouldn’t have a reason to do anything. He just found a job.”

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Who witnessed the case of Roberta Villani, who disappeared in Modena

“We looked for her everywhere. She survived coronavirus, and we look for her everywhere, at least she did it for my 84-year-old mother,” is the desperate plea of ​​her sister regarding the programme. “We can’t do the research,” Linda continues. ourselves, and I hope someone can help us.”

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