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He's fighting, and he's asking for help from a specialist

He’s fighting, and he’s asking for help from a specialist

Cristiano Ronaldo has a great difficulty: not only a football player, but also a man. The Portuguese is trying with all his might to get out of the darkness that surrounded him, with the help of a professional: “I went to his house in Manchester.”

Cristiano Ronaldo He’ll turn 38 next February, a pace in which even the par excellence cannibal in modern football, the serial striker who has rewrote record books, can’t stop, even with all the obsessive attention to body and diet. There are natural laws that heroes must obey, and it’s hard to do when you’re used to world domination. CR7 finds himself at the most difficult moment of his careerthe bench behind Rashford at Manchester United in Tin Hag after every summer Manfrina to go and play the Champions League elsewhere, is no longer shunned even at home after failing in the Nations League.

Ronaldo's unbridled anger during Portugal's match against Spain

Ronaldo’s unbridled anger during Portugal’s match against Spain

When was Ronaldo suspended with only one goal at the beginning of October? A penalty kick achieved in the European League in Moldova, this is the sad loot for the Portuguese, who is trying to take advantage of all possible resources to overcome the complex moment. A critical case, however, is not limited to just the domain: In difficulty, not only the player Ronaldo, but also the man. The Spanish newspaper Marca speaks frankly about depressionanother person has linked the suffering of Funchal’s hero’s soul to the tragic loss of one of the twins who did not survive the birth of his partner Georgina last April.

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The truth is to step into the dark and rediscover the ancient serenity and certainty, Ronaldo turned mental health professional: Jordan Peterson, 60-year-old Canadian psychologist and respected academic. In the most difficult moment to get over that life that I put before him, the Portuguese read a book by Peterson and found it so useful that he wanted to meet its author in person. And so the former Juventus striker decided to invite him to his home in Manchester during the star’s recent visit to the United Kingdom. A meeting witnessed by the photo that Ronaldo published three weeks ago on Instagram, without any comment to explain the context, if not.”Glad to see you my friend“.

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Subsequent speculation about the professional support of the hero was confirmed by Peterson’s own words, who was interviewed a few days ago by the well-known journalist (and friend of Ronaldo) Piers Morgan. When asked about visiting CR7’s home, the Canadian psychiatrist was blunt: “He invited me to meet him. He had some problems in his life a few months ago, and a friend of mine sent him some of my videos and said he watched them. Then he read one of my books and found it useful, he wanted to talk. I went to his house and we talked for about two hours. He showed me all of his gear to stay in top condition, and we talked about his companies. We mostly talked about what he wants in the future and some of the obstacles he’s facing“.

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For his part, Morgan revealed that Ronaldo underwent treatment and looked much better after meeting Peterson. It has often been said that the Portuguese do not shine in terms of humility, but understanding that there are situations that cannot be overcome alone – despite being formidable champions – is an important step. The climb is hard and the road is not short: CR7 wants to climb.