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Here's where it works best -

Here’s where it works best –

Deathloop Available from yesterday too Xbox Series X | sExactly one year after the game debuted PS5and IGN compared the two versions of the game to understand it Where it works best.

As we wrote in our Deathloop review for Xbox Series X, the visualization is two essentially identical versions, also equipped with the same four Graphics modesand the video The above confirms this.

Ray tracing mode works better in some situations PlayStation 5But let’s talk about the small details. Other than that, 30fps is consistent on both Sony and Microsoft consoles, as is 60fps in performance mode.

We thought Quality Mode, which uses an unlocked frame rate, could benefit the Xbox Series X, but it isn’t – there are times when one platform outperforms the other, but in the end the situation balances out and The general result becomes practically identical.

On the other hand, if you have a monitor that supports 120 Hz and is equipped with VRR technology, this is where you will see the difference, as Xbox Series X always performs better in this situation And it beats the PS5 up to 20fps, giving us an experience that’s very close to the target.

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