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Bonus 200 euro per autonomi e professionisti in arrivo dopo il 20 settembre

Here’s when it arrives and how to get it

The bonus will reach 200 euros for self-employed workers and professionals with an income of less than 35,000 euros in 2021. It is likely that assistance against exorbitant bills will not be sought before next September 20: technicians and some directors of the National Institute of Social Security, after a discussion between technicians and some directors of the National Institute, said Adepp. Statistics, pending the entry into force of the executive decree for the welfare measure stipulated in the aid decree.


The text that should make the bonus applicable has been checked by the Audit Bureau since August 23, and when the accounting judiciary finishes the checks, it will end up in the Official Gazette. At this point, the submission of applications can be launched approximately two days after the publication of the ruling. In any case, it will not be possible to submit applications “before September 20”.


The one-time support uses a total allocation of 600 million, of which 95.6 is reserved for professionals associated with private pension funds, an amount that Adepp considers appropriate to pay 200 euros to 477,000 beneficiaries, to the face of at least three million self-employed persons entitled, Thus they should avoid the click day effect.

How do you order it

The procedure for requesting a cost-of-living allowance (assistance that does not constitute income for tax purposes, nor for the payment of social security and welfare benefits) will be the same as those established in 2020, on the occasion of the distribution of the allowance. Quarterly from 600/1000 euros to support freelancers suffering from the consequences of the pandemic from Covid-19: in fact, an IT platform will be created on INPS sites and individual bodies, able to obtain applications quickly.

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“More than 3 million self-employed workers and professionals are still waiting to know when and how to receive the €200 bonus,” says Confcommercio, according to which “it is necessary to quickly publish the interministerial executive decree, in order to allow the full use of the aid within September and automatically, as happened to the employees”, and thus “without resorting to methods of application which, as in the case of a potential click, would make it difficult to reach a measure, and generate inequality within the same audience of those entitled”.

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