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Here’s what you should never keep in your kitchen drawers: mistakes we’ve all made

Here’s what you should never keep in your kitchen drawers: mistakes we’ve all made

We often put unexpected things in kitchen drawers, only to later realize that they have become a real mess.

Not just cooking utensils: Raise your hand if you’ve never put items in your kitchen drawers that shouldn’t be in the room where food is handled and prepared. The disturbance factor is important, but not as essential as the safety and health factor. Because mixing different items between kitchen utensils can sometimes be risky.

Let us remember, for example, that Many foodborne infections are triggered in the home than outdoors. This is because people mistakenly feel safe and perform routine actions that may be risky. So let’s find out what things we should immediately remove from our kitchen drawers; We certainly all have them.

Kitchen drawers are full of ‘intruders’, here are the items you shouldn’t keep there

One of the most common types of products in the kitchen are those intended for cleaning. Detergents, detergents, disinfectant products and much more.

A tidy kitchen means a safe kitchen –

However, the kitchen is not the place to store them, even if it is convenient to have them on hand. In fact, bottles can emit chemicals and/or toxic substances and contaminate nearby foods.

Another common mistake is placing knives or other tools with blades mixed with other tools. Anything “sharp” should be in a separate drawerBecause while searching for a tool we can get hurt. Let’s not forget that the blades themselves are damaged prematurely when they come in contact with or rub against other tools.

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Maybe someone keeps some too Place perishable foods in drawers or outlets with doors; Think, for example, of pâté or onions. Well, this habit is not recommended because these foods are definitely not at the right temperatures, and on top of that there is High risk of cross-contamination.

Finally, the drawers in the kitchen often become the place where we get cluttered Batteries – possibly exhausted – cables, cables, plugs and electrical cords. Even then, the danger lies in the nature of these items, which can contaminate the food and, above all, become so greasy or dirty that they are unusable.

In conclusion, It’s best to do a regular cleaning every now and then, so that potentially dangerous things don’t accumulate In contact with those we have to use to process food and cook food. After all, we have the possibility to organize spaces optimally, thanks to the numerous options that can be purchased in all shops, such as boxes, dividers and hooks.