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Here’s what to plant in the garden for a rich and bountiful harvest when you have little time and space


Who said that in order to enjoy locally grown fruits and vegetables, you must necessarily have a plot of land? Using modern technologies and some little tricks suggested by experts, we can actually create a family garden even in a small space.

the rules

Well, here’s what to plant in the garden to get a bountiful harvest of fruit grown with your own hands even in a small space. In fact, a small vegetable garden has many advantages. In fact, it allows us not to devote too much time to care and, by making the right choices, to enjoy abundant crops.

The first and basic rule that must be observed is the care of the soil. In fact, we need to take care of the land even before planting the seeds. Among the latter, we must choose those that grow faster without taking up much space. In this way the production of different products can be rotated on the same land.

Finally, the trick of expert farmers, when they don’t have a lot of time and space, is to grow produce that produces little waste, so the edible portion is much larger than the inedible portion.

Here’s what to plant in the garden for a rich and bountiful harvest when you have little time and space

This is the time to plant power. In particular, those that give a higher yield are head lettuce and watercress. Of both, only any yellow leaves are discarded.

The same goes for radish and carrots. They can also be planted close to each other and have a very fast life cycle. The trick we can put into practice is to take advantage of the vertical growth of vegetables by using other vegetables as a support that grows horizontally instead. Therefore, it is advisable to plant tomatoes near peas or peppers and eggplant. In fact, these are all generous with the harvest during the summer season and can support each other.

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from Absolutely don’t forget the onionsGarlic and potatoes. In fact, this vegetable helps protect the soil from parasites and does not require extensive care. We always have a little place for weeds. They can make a difference to the taste of the dish, especially if they are used as soon as they are picked.

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