Saturday, July 20, 2024

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WhatsApp has just released a new update via the TestFlight beta program.

WhatsApp, new update opens secret area.

In these last few hours, the developers have WhatsApp They have released a new update through the software. Test flight The beta is only for specific devices, and it contains some exciting new features, including the ability to exploit a type of secret areaWhere you can manage and navigate jobs. Community.

What does the new update offer?

By WhatsApp communities we mean those chat groups, which are real “virtual spaces” where users can share thematic areas, discuss specific topics and interact with people who are not among their contacts. In short, a new way to interact, socialize and meet new users.

For several years already WhatsApp Allows all users the ability to join existing communities or groups as long as they are invited by a member or use a specific invite link. The latest update includes some new features that, however, will only be temporarily available to some beta testers. The update means that users who useIPAD A dedicated tab can be used to manage communities through the app.

WhatsApp new update for group chats –

Previously, navigating between chat groups within the public chat list on iPad required a very complex and complicated process. In practice, each user had to manually search for all communities among other conversations. This is a cumbersome procedure that also prompted many users to express their opposition.

The new update that introduces this new secret area for WhatsApp iOS The iPad features these new community tabs grouped into an easy-to-reference menu, making them less cumbersome than before. This way, navigation and interaction will be much easier. Although this is currently a beta version accessible via TestFlight, this new feature is expected to be available to everyone soon.

When will it be available to everyone?

During the testing period, the user registered in TestFlight will be able to taste the new features with the aim of reporting any problems or suggesting different solutions to improve everything. It is believed that in the next few weeks this innovation will be extended to all users even if it will take some time until these new community management cards are properly optimized and work flawlessly. The new apps could certainly arrive by the end of the summer which will make the millions of users who use this exceptional messaging app happy.

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