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Betim (Brazil), December 10, 2022

Club World Cup, yellow and blue great performance with echo: here is the final pass!

Alessandro Micheletto, extraordinary in attack, fearlessly faces the triple echo wall (photo Fivb)

Four years after the last time, Trentino Itas returns to the final of the Club World Cup. Indeed, tonight’s 3-1 home victory brought Sada Cruzeiro, in the first semi-final of the 2022 edition of the World Championship. , you have opened the doors once again to set a date with glory at the club in Via Trainer, which on Sunday December 11th starting at 8 pm Italian time at Ginasio Poliesportivo Divino Braga will be able to search for the sixth title of world champion in its history.
Trentino Itas secured this opportunity by surprising their valued opponents with perfect match-making style. With a decisive serve on the spot, an attentive block and an attack that turned into stellar levels (in the end he would score 65% of the team with the peaks of Micheletto 75% and Kaczeyski 60%), the yellow blues literally surprised Sada who, in fact, only tried to fight back in the second set. The first, won 25-13, and the third, which closed at 25-17, was literally a soliloquy from Lorenzetti’s team, author of an amazing performance also on a mental level. Micheletto’s smashes (4, top scorer with 17 points), Kazzeki’s and Lafia’s counterattacks and Podraskanen’s blocks denied the Brazilians any chance to respond, thus conceding in just 70 minutes of play.

Here is the record of the first FIFA Club World Cup 2022 semi-final, which took place tonight at the Ginacio Polisportivo Divino Braga stadium in Betim.

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Sada Cruzeiro – Trentino Itas 0-3
(13-25, 22-25, 17-25)
Cruzeiro echo: Lopez 10, Saatkamp 4, Wallace 9, Vaccari, Otavio 2, Uriarte 1, Lukinha (L); Openkowski 1, Rodrigoino, Rodrigo. Guilherme Nie, Bauer, Clydenelson, Carlos. Coach Felipe Augusto Ferraz.
Trentino Itas: Sbertoli 1, Michieletto 15, Lisinac 7, Kaziyski 11, Lavia 12, Podrascanin 10, Laurenzano (L); Indigo, Davoronok 1, PES (left). Nei Deher, Cavuto, Berger and DePalma. The herd is Angelo Lorenzetti.
the reviewer: Macias (Mexico) and Cespedes Lassi (Dominican Republic).
Fixed term: 20′, 25′, 25′; Total 1h and 10′.
note: approximately 5,000 spectators. Sada Cruzeiro: 2 blocks, 3 aces, 12 serve errors, 3 action errors, 38% in offense, 30% (17%) in reception. Trentino Itas: 8 blocks, 9 aces, 20 serving errors, 3 running errors, 65% in offense, 41% (17%) in reception.

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